Tuesday evening, November 6, 2007:
I came home from a late shopping date with Jenbug. Among some of the things we bought was a package of 3 home pregnancy tests. After taking one that Dave bought me for my birthday on Oct. 29, just about a week ago, I was kind of expecting a negative again. Lo and behold, I got a positive instead!

Needless to say, Dave and I were jumping up and down, I was GIDDY. I thought I was dreaming. We’ve only been trying for a little over a month. I knew my period being missed could have had something to do with it, about two and a half weeks ago, but I chalked it up to getting off the pill on September 14th. I didn’t think I was actually pregnant. So this was a pleasant surprise.

Wednesday morning, November 7, 2007:
After telling a very select few (just immediate family and a few close friends), the next day when I woke up, I took another test. It turned up with two lines again. I immediately called our Doctor’s office to make an appointment for Thursday afternoon, where I can get pre-natal care immediately.

Thursday afternoon, November 8, 2007:
I dropped in to my regular Bellingham doctor during work to take a clinical version of the pee pregnancy test. Again, it turned up positive. The nurse said, “Oh, there’s no doubt about it. You’re definitely pregnant.” The lines were so clear, it was hard to miss.

Thursday evening, November 8, 2007:
Dave and I made our 4pm appointment with our doctor in Canada. We confirmed we were pregnant, and we”re now making appointments for a blood test to see how healthy I am, and an ultrasound to see how far along the baby is. Because my period was so awkward after I stopped the pill, we’re not entirely sure how far along I am. We’re guessing 8 weeks, but it could be less than that too. Blood test will be taken on Saturday, or tomorrow. Whichever I can manage first.

So, yes. We’re pregnant. WE’RE PREGNANT. WE’RE PREGNANT!!!!! Who knew I was so fertile. Must be all the lovely exercise and the awesome balanced diet. Who knew Dave has rockin’ sperm, too, eh? We are SO SO SO SO SO excited!!!!!