Autumn Lily & Her Crib

Yesterday was a big day for us, in several ways. Little things added together made it big, I suppose. Yesterday, we took Lily Bean out for her first, official baby photoshoot. Photographer: yours truly. I’ve been doing some photography work with various people before I got pregnant, one of whom was with Jaeden, our nephew (Peanut’s older brother) when he was about a year old. That was two years ago. Same setting: autumn fall leaves and such. The photos turned out so nicely that I swore I would try another shoot when I have a baby of my own.

Well, lo and behold, I got one now! Heh. On Friday, I went shopping for an “autumn outing” outfit for Lily Bean. Yesterday, I convinced Dave to go with me to the park down the block from where we live to take photos of Lily Bean with the fall leaves. It was a dry day, a little chilly, with low sun every now and then. Perfect lighting for an outdoors photoshoot!

All of the photos are posted in their own category set at my flickr photo site. Here are some of our favorite ones. They’re edited to enhance the fall leaves. She herself was not edited at all. She’s darn cute naturally! Yes, I’m a proud mama. Can you tell?

(Where’d The Lily go?!)

The photoshoot went wonderfully. She was such a good sport. Sometimes the sun was in her eyes and she didn’t cry at all. She just squinted. At first, I put her down on her tummy on a downward slope (what was I thinking?!), and the poor girl was trying to keep her head up but it was really very hard. Then later we went to the shade and I got some killer shots of her there. Not one cranky peep out of her. What a sweetheart.

Another thing that happened yesterday was that she officially outgrew her bassinet. Really, I knew the day had to come, but I thought I had at least another month left. I think I’ve just been in denial. It seems like she had a growth spurt in the last 3 days because last night, she barely had any room to move in her bassinet. Her head and her toes had maybe an inch left, and her arms couldn’t be stretched out on the sides anymore. Dave convinced me that we had to put her in her crib last night. We did, and it took a while for us to put her down, given the sudden, spontaneous new routine. She didn’t go to bed until 11pm. But, she slept soundly throughout the night and she was a trooper. Woke up happy as a clam. I had the baby monitor on my night stand and I checked in on her a few times throughout the night (I can’t help it!). I missed her so much, I miss her not being in the same room with us. But it’s good for her to be in her own room. Dave had to remind me that it’s a “good thing” that she’s growing so beautifully. I know, I know, but I miss my little girl close by!

First night in the crib:

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Helen, I didn’t know you took these pictures! These are wonderful! I’m glad you were able to go out and take pictures since I remember you saying you missed your camera. You really did a great job!

It made me sad hearing that Lily grew out of her bassinet and she was no longer sleeping in the same room as you and Dave. I think I would miss her too much, too.

Yup, I took them myself. :) I used to do a lot more photoshoot outings, but haven’t since I became pregnant (other priorities, all of a sudden.. hehe). I’m glad you like these photos, Chels! :)

I think that’s the first photo I can remember with both You & Lily looking at the camera. Great photos! That crib step is always a big one, wtg!

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