Some Updates

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with this ultra-cute video of the Lily Bean smiling, squeaking, squealing, and blowing bubbles.

We’ve been putting her in her crib for her day time naps, to prepare her for when she transfers to sleeping at night in it. She’s getting a little longer everyday, and soon she won’t fit in her bassinet anymore. *sniff* That will be a sad day for The Mama. I love having her in our room. I hear every noise she makes and I can easily get to her right away. Having her across the hall will be very hard to get used to.

She’s taking to the crib like a charm. She sleeps in it during her morning naps, and when she wakes up, she hardly makes a peep because she’s so interested in her new surrounding. We hear her talking to her herself from the living room, when she’s in her crib in her own room. It’s very cute. She’s slept in there for about 3 or 4 hours, max, during the day. Her night time sleeps are up to 10.5 hours now, give or take a few nights. They’re anywhere between 8 and 10.5 hours straight through.

We’re having issues with leakage again, with the gdiapers. So I’m working on that now. Seems that because she keeps growing, the way we put her diapers on has to keep changing. It’s a little annoying, but what can ya do? This is our first baby, so it’s trial and error throughout it all. I still wouldn’t give this up to go back to disposables. I enjoy knowing that we’re helping the planet with this baby. It makes me proud. Plus, it’s so good for her bum not to be filled with all those chemicals.

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ah what a good little sleeper! We are trying in the crib nap time thing too! So far so good, today. Keep up the good sleeping, Lily.

Like the new look!

soooo cute!

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