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It’s been (close to) three months since Lily was born. The first month and a half, we used all the disposable diapers that we were given for as shower gifts. Plus, she didn’t fit into her gdiapers that we got for her yet at that time, since she was on the smaller and leaner side. We had to wait until she was almost 10 pounds before the gdiapers fit her.

It took about two weeks to get the flushable gdiapers to fit correctly without leaking or staining. It took another two weeks to see how we were going to deal with cleaning and laundry and soaking and hand washing and staining. At first, I was hand washing every single white liner when there were poo stains. That means, after every changing (which could be anywhere between every 2 to 4 hours), I was hand washing the liner. While I didn’t mind too much, this took a lot of time, used a lot of water, and eventually I noticed the liner material tearing off on the sides, which makes leaks even more probable. So I stopped doing that.

We enjoyed the gdiapers with flushables on its own for about a week and a half or so. I taught Dave to do it and we were both pretty confident. We finally found something that worked right for us. However, after realizing how many flushables we were having to buy every week (a new bag a week — about $15), I wanted to find a more economical and less time-consuming method to go. Flushables are completely biodegradable, earth-friendly, bum-friendly, clean, etc. However, the time it took to flush every flushable was starting to get annoying, and the money spent wasn’t saving us more than what we would’ve spent on regular disposables anyway. Plus, I didn’t find it “cleaner” than we had first imagined if we were to go straight to cloth diapers.

So I tried cloth diapers for a couple of days, using Thirsties diapers with hemp prefolds. While they worked well, had very minimal stains and no leakage at all, I didn’t enjoy having to change her about every hour or two. That seemed like a whole lot of changing to me.

So I went on a research rampage to see what other mothers are doing with the gdiapering system. We really like the concept and how it can go longer without changing, as well as keep her bum nice and rash-free (like the cloth system). I found out that mothers everywhere were using cloth inserts with their gdiapers!

So I looked it up, and lo and behold, Cottonwood Baby makes cotton inserts specifically for gdiapers! Now, we can have the best of both gdiapering and cloth diapering. This sounded fantastic. I decided to order a package and try it out. With the help of the owner, Anna, I perfected the cloth diapering system with a gdiaper in about a week. After several washes and drying, the cloth inserts worked perfectly, and leaks were very minimal. Plus, I could still change her every 4 hours, sometimes even longer, and she still wouldn’t get a rash or leak. Plus, it’s cleaner and less time consuming in the sense that I didn’t have to hand wash anything, and I didn’t have to take time away from Lily Bean by having to flush anything. It works like the cloth diapering system where I just throw the liner and the insert into a wet bag after every changing and then do a load of laundry every other day. It’s just an extra load of laundry, and really, that’s not so bad after all.

The left is a completed gdiaper system with insert: the gpants, with the white liner holding the cloth insert. The right is what the cloth insert actually looks like. Sometimes I use the organic hemp/cotton doubler underneath the insert for extra soaking power.

Now, for overnights, we’ve tried various things. Lily Bean sleeps anywhere between 8 to 9.5 hours every night, straight through, so you can imagine how wet and/or soiled her diaper is when she wakes up. We needed something that was comfortable for her as well as water-resistant and leak-proof. At first, doubling up the flushables in the gdiaper worked. It contained really wet pee and icky poop throughout the night. However, having a flushable in doubled with a “sushi-roll” flushable on top didn’t always work. It was about 50-50 for us, interestingly enough. Sometimes she woke up with her whole backside completely soiled and wet, through her clothes, her blankets, and finally down onto her bassinet. Poor baby.

So then I got a Thirsties all-in-one cloth diaper, as suggested by Erin. I believe she said that’s what she used for Corbin’s overnights. So I put a pre-fold in there, and tried it last night. PERFECT fit. She not only soaked the whole thing, but she also soiled it pretty badly, and there was absolutely no leakage. It contained the whole thing perfectly, and she was dry on the outside. No backside horror, no wet blankets, nothing. Plus, no rash. Here’s a picture of the all-in-one that we’re using. I got two, just enough for an every-other-day laundry doing, since they’re quite expensive. We don’t need them during the day since we change her pretty frequently with her regular gdiapers-with-inserts.

All in all, it’s a LOT cleaner than what we initially thought. We rarely have to touch pee or poop, and every leakage/stain has come out after every wash. (Dave is SO anti-bodily-fluids, it’s not even funny… and he likes this system we’re using, so if he can do it, anyone can.. haha!) We use Seventh Generation’s baby laundry detergent (also completely biodegradable, earth-friendly, hypo-allergenic), and that’s like, super-laundry-detergent. Method’s regular laundry detergent also works well. It gets out everything. Every changing is like using a new cloth insert altogether. There’s no evidence that the inserts were ever covered with poop or pee in the first place.

So now, we’ve perfected the whole system. I just got reusable wipes, and will be using them from now on instead of buying disposable wipes. In the long run, we’re saving a LOT of money, and we’ve completely eliminated trash altogether. Baby Lily Bean is an eco-friendly earth-loving baby, and I couldn’t be more proud!

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Yeah! Sounds like you figured it all out and then some! What a linky girl lily is!

this is very informative, and sounds like you did a lot of research. thanks for sharing!

This is lovely! It sounds like you had to do a lot of experimentation (and endure some real messes!), but it is neat that you kept at it. I kind of want to save this entry for myself, you know, just in case. :)

I have a friend who makes baby things (clothing, diaper-related things) – she tie-dyes and screenprints fun designs on them. I don’t know if you would be interested in buying them, but in case you are you can check them out at babybuttprints[dot]com.

WOW! I’m impressed at your determination to choose something that fulfills your ideals! Not only are your reviews helpful to others who may be searching for a new way to diaper, but it’s inspiring to know there are more options out there besides Cloth or disposable! I certainly had no idea.

Yes, I’m very stubborn and determined when it comes to something I really want, and in this case, I really wanted to do away completely with trash and disposable diapers filling up the landfill. Every time I used a disposable in the beginning, my head was filled with guilt. I hate the idea of contributing to the world’s eco problems. Now, I feel much better!

We’re still perfecting the system (every so often we get leaks), but I’m not going to stop trying. At least we know how that the flushables work. If all else fails, we’ll just go back to that and spend a little more each week on flushables than on disposables.

I’m so gonna try gdiapers now! My thing was that I wanted to save money too and buying the inserts are just like buying disposable diapers. Then I wondered how the heck I’d even get the inserts to flush in our weak toilet! So you can keep using the gdiaper cover for the day as long as it doesn’t soil? Hmm that way I won’t be going through clothe diapers but liners rather.

Sheena – your little boy is growing fast! I’m guessing he’s into the medium size now. That gives you more leeway in terms of experimenting. Don’t give up if you don’t get it right the first few times. It takes some getting used to. Send me an email or message if you want some help/tips with the gdiaper system. :)

You can keep using the gpants throughout the day, as long as there are no leaks. The white liner I put in the laundry after every changing, so I need about 7 or 8 everyday. That will almost always have pee or poop. With pee, you can just rinse it out and let it dry and use it for the next changing, but with poop, you’ll have to put it in the washer.

Hope this helps!

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