The Parental Visit

Our little baby girl is almost two months old! According to the weekly calendar, she is a little over two months old now, but we’re going by the calendar numbers, so she’ll be two months old on the 12th of this month. This past week, my parents and my aunt visited for the first time since she was born. They stayed in a mobile home in our driveway (conveniently and generously borrowed from my mother in law, bless her heart!). It made the stay a little softer on us, since we both value our privacy a LOT. The first half of the week was a little rough, getting used to so many more footsteps in the house, but the second half of the week went a lot smoother. Needless to say, my parents (and aunt!) are absolutely in love with Lily Bean and they think she’s the cutest baby ever. While we were out at the beach at White Rock, she even stopped an elderly couple and asked them if they wanted to see the baby in the stroller. Haha. Dave and I were embarrassed but we were very amused. The elderly couple asked who the mother was (assuming it was my mom) and when I announced that I was the mother of the baby, they were very surprised and taken aback. I guess it’s because I still look like a teenager. They must be thinking, “The poor baby with a teenage mother… what is this world coming to?” Oh well.

Lily Bean adored my parents and aunt too. They held and talked to her a lot, and she responded and interacted in like. She was so communicative, gooing and gaaing everyday. They were so impressed with how strong her head and neck are, and how she held her own in conversations. Heh. They were also impressed at what an easy baby she is overall — sleeping a lot and very happy and cheery most of the time (except when she’s tired). They kept jokingly trying to bargain with us to let them keep her and take her back to North Carolina. We weren’t having it. We can’t even joke about such things!

We also went to get us a new car — traded in my Nissan sedan for a bigger family car: a Dodge Caravan minivan. Yeah, you heard me right. A MINIVAN!! I never thought I’d see the day when I actually admit to owning a minivan, but here it is! I feel all old and grown-up. The next stage is just being called a soccer mom!

The left car is Dave’s Neon sedan, and the right car is our new minivan.

We went to Chinatown, Vancouver, BC.

We also went to Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC. Another family portrait!

Lily Bean was asleep for most of our trips!

We even went to a Chinese Buddhist temple in Richmond, BC.
Lily Bean loved being in her new sling!

We ended their week-long trip with dinner with all the parents (and Gran!)

It was a lovely trip, though I am glad we have the house to ourselves again. However, my parents are seriously contemplating moving to Washington and getting a house in Bellingham so that they can be closer to us. It would be nice, seeing how much they just adore Lily Bean, and how much she seems to be taken with them. It also gives my mother a chance to be around her to teach her more Vietnamese, as I’m not being very good at speaking to her in my mother language right now. It comes more naturally to my mother than to me, I suppose. Lily just seems so captivated when they speak to her in Vietnamese.

Lily just stared so intently when my dad (her grampa!) talked to her.

My mom just absolutely adores her first grandchild!

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I love seeing new pictures of little Lily. She is so precious, Henny! I am glad she is a good baby, and not just for you guys as new parents but also for herself. Happy baby is the best. :D

And a side note; those little legwarmers are too cute!

I just love seeing grandparents in love! my parents are so glad they moved from nh to oregon and are now closer! i wish they were just a tad closer still. she is growing so much too!

I’m jealous, I want a mini-van!

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