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Wow, I haven’t updated this site in a while. It’s been very busy. We’ve been getting ready for my parents’ visit tomorrow. They’re coming to stay for a week, so Dave and I have been cleaning as much of the house as we can (my mom’s a bit of a neat freak, so I’m sure she’ll still find things to improve on no matter how much we clean). Lily has been sleeping through the night since about 5 weeks (meaning she sleeps 6 hours straight every night). She is really a very good little baby. She doesn’t even cry when she’s hungry anymore, knowing that I’m right nearby to feed her and tend to her right away. She usually just smacks her lips really loudly, and starts sucking on her hand. If I don’t come right away, she would then proceed to doing a one-time holler: “GEH!!” And then she’d wait for me to come. When she sees me, even in the middle of the night, she has this big sleepy smile to greet me. She’s such a beautiful little kind soul. She’s a very kind person. A happy baby. We’re both very blessed.

She’s been on a really good schedule too. She sleeps from about 10p to about 10a (with the first 6 hours straight through, and then waking up every 3 or so hours just to feed). After that, she’s up for pretty much most of the day, with intermittent sleeping times in between. It’s getting a lot easier to put her down for the night too, in her own little bassinet. She used to not want to be put down — wanting to be held while she slept. But after about 3 days last week, she’s started to accept that she can sleep in her own bed and we’d still be near. During the day, we reward her by spending a LOT of 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 time with her. Cuddling, playing, dancing, singing. Even when she’s napping sometimes, she’s napping in our arms. She loves that.

Our little girl is a lot more active and a lot more vocal. She loves to talk (as evidence by the many videos I’ve been taking of her). She enjoys play time on the mat, though is not too fond of tummy time. She gets frustrated when she can’t roll over right away, and starts to yelp for help. She is also learning how to grab onto the rings and toys that are waved in front of her. Her arm and hand movements aren’t as coordinated as she’d like them to be (you can tell she tries SO hard!), but she is so determined, every so often she’d grab the rings on her own, or bat at it, and she’d have a giant smile on her face and starts yelping in satisfaction. It’s so cute!

We’ve been singing lots and lots of songs to her — some made up (Dave is better at this than I am), and others not. Her favorite song that we both sing to her is “You are my sunshine.” She calms right down and relaxes in our arms when we sing that song. Almost every single time. Sometimes Dave ad libs for her sake (“You are my Lily… my baby Lily… you make me haapppyy, every single day….”). It brings a tear to my eyes sometimes hearing him sing to her. It’s so cute. Daddy’s little girl.

Here’s a video of her in the mornin’, all happy again. This was taken a couple of days ago. I’m usually the first one to see her wake up in the morning. She never cries. We only know she’s awake when she starts making gurgling and giggling sounds like in this video.

This one here is of Daddy and Lily Bean rockin’ and rollin’ together. She is very patient and tolerant. Heh.

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I love how just sits there and lets Dave play her like an instrument. *g*
She’s so sweet in the mornings!

Awwwwwww…. that is adorable…. :D One lucky mama and daddy! :)

The look on her face in the 2nd video cracks me up. She’s just like “what are you doing daddy? I am not a keyboard.” lol

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