Slept Through the Night

So last night was a bit difficult in terms of getting her to bed. At around 10:30pm, we gave her a warm bath (which she LOVED). She was already winding down and doing her “I’m not at all tired because I want to stay awake and play even though I can barely keep my eyes open!” dance. This meant that she was fussy, irritable, and tired. At 11pm, we fed her one last time and I rocked her to sleep in my arms. She was out like a light in less than 5 minutes, half asleep in my arms. I put her down into her bassinet in our bedroom, with soft Buddhist music playing in the background and the lights off. She was still sleeping. I walked out. 5 minutes later, we heard screams from the bedroom. It was the her famous “I told you I’m not tired and I want to be held!! Why are you putting me to bed?!!” scream. The fake “cry.” We decided to wait a few minutes before we tend to her… so that she can eventually behaviorally associate that time to be bedtime and not time to play and be held (heck knows we give her enough of that during the day time!).

So then I went back to the bedroom after her cries continued for about 10 minutes. They were quite fake, and it was very cute, and they broke my heart. It was all I could do not to tend to her right away. This was bout 11:45pm. The instant I came in and spoke to her (“Lily Bean, why are you still up, baby? Don’t you know it’s bedtime?”), she immediately started smiling and laughing. Yeah. “Cry” my butt! Then when she realized I wasn’t going to pick her up, she squawked again. She said she was hungry (hand to mouth and sucking on hand motion), so I fed her again. Another 25 ml of boobie juice. She instantly fell asleep after a quick burp. I put her down, walked out. 5 minutes later, she cried again.


Rinse and repeat another two more times. Dave and I switched duties. He went next. She said she was hungry again, so he fed her another 25 ml. She fell asleep, he put her down. I went to bed with her. This was after midnight by now. She was so darn tired by that time that she wasn’t even going to stop crying when we picked her up and sang and danced with her. When she finally went to bed, it was around 12:30am. She squawked one more time just for the sake of it, and I kissed her and she was instantly asleep. Too tired to battle it out again.

So then she proceeded to sleep through the entire night after that. I guess she tired herself out so much. She had stayed up from about 6p to midnight last night, with little bits and pieces of half-hour naps in between. She’s been doing her marathon awake times during the day for a little over a week now. It’s about time she did a marathon asleep time! I had to wake her up this morning at 6:30am to feed her. I nursed her and after getting her fair share, she was instantly asleep again. So she’s still sleeping. Woo! I’m grateful, though, because this was my very first 6-hour sleep, straight through, uninterrupted (I’m not going to count the countless times I woke up whenever she squawked in her sleep — I chalk that up to average Mommy-dom) in about a month. It was nice.

Here’s a photo of the sweetie bean in her kimono outfit (which was the last time she will be wearing it because it no longer fits her too well – so tight!):

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Yahoo Lily Bean. Good sleeping says Corbin. Corbin had a record the other night. He slept for 9 hours straight but now is back to between 5-6 hours. We are working on napping during the day now, instead of just sleeping in the car seat, sling, or where ever but actually putting him down. I find that at night if I make sure Corbin is in a deep sleep before I put him down, waiting about 10-15 minutes after he has nursed, that he doesn’t wake up again but if I accidentally don’t wait that long, he pops open his eyes again…silly guy! I hope she keeps it up. Long sleep, happy mommy!

Wow, 9 hours! I’m so paranoid of her not eating so I ended up waking her up. I’m not sure if she would’ve slept longer this morning if I didn’t wake her up to feed her. She nursed in her sleep though. Haha. We’ll see how tonight goes. :) She just loves sleeping in our arms. A cuddle monster, that one!

That is so cute! Glad to know that Lily Bean is finally sleeping 6 hours straight! Yay for mom and dad and Lily too!

I think I am a paranoid parent too. The nurses told us to wake Jonathon up every two hours to feed. I did that for about a month but MIL said Ryan was sleeping through the night when he was only ten days old. So I think it’s different for everyone. I try not to be too paranoid but I can’t help it!

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