Tummy Time & Rolling Over

Since we brought her home from the hospital, she’s been practicing lifting her head and holding it up for longer periods of time. Every time we try to burp her, she wants to hold up that head of hers and look around, wide-eyed and curious. Since about two weeks old, we’ve been doing “Tummy Time” with her — putting her on the play mat or on a blanket on the floor on her tummy so she can practice lifting her head and using her elbows to hold her head up. She’s been doing so great, each time getting stronger and staying up longer. She’s also been wiggling around a lot, trying to crawl and move (she doesn’t quite understand yet that she can’t until she can roll over and support herself with her knees and arms). She gets a little impatient with herself and frustrated that she can’t just go from step 1 to step 5. I keep telling her that this is going to take months but she won’t hear it. Heh.

So last night, we put her on her belly on top of my boppy pillow, to give her that extra support since she’s so darn small. She instantly held her head up, and started looking around. She stayed in that position for a good long time. She looked so pleased with herself, and was content just looking at us while we talked, in that position.

Then, all of a sudden, she started collapsing onto her side, and within minutes, she learned how to roll over back onto her back! She did her FIRST roll over last night, at one month and one week old. Is this too soon? I have no idea. It seems like she’s growing and advancing so fast! What a smart little girl she is. She was quite pleased with herself. I think the first time was by accident, so we put her back onto her belly and immediately she lifted her head and tried to roll over again. She did this over and over again, and was so happy she actually started smiling and giggling a little, at will! She then gurgled a self-approved baby gurgle at us. We were making such a big deal out of it (it IS a big deal!) and we were practically jumping up and down telling her how proud we are of her and how smart she is and what a wonderful SuperBaby she is. Heh.

Wow, isn’t it amazing?! This child of ours is so wonderful!

And here a video of her just lovely and happy as soon as she woke up yesterday. She’s such a happy morning person.

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wow. that is truly amazing. it does seem early. I guess the real test will be can she do it without the boppy? But she sure is cute :-)

She’s more squirmy and not quite *there* yet without the boppy, but she’s certainly trying. She can hold her head up without the boppy though. She kind of gets onto her side without the boppy, but that’s about it. lol

awww, what an achievement that is for her! It’s a true show of what a little parental encouragement can do for children.

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