Bath, Shower, and More

Yesterday we had Lily Bean’s family baby shower. It was her first “family get-together,” the first of many, many more to come. Pictures to come later, as I didn’t take any since we were the ones opening gifts from the family. She got lots of goodies, the noted ones include a baby swing from her Nana Sylv and Granny (which works like a charm for fussiness, as proven last night!), and a tummy-time play mat from her Aunt Kami and Uncle Dan.

Our baby girl is growing up quite quickly. We see more changes in her everyday. She is lifting her head quite readily and eagerly, curiously looking around the room all the time. Tummy Time will be fun for her on that play mat. She is starting to make giggles and laughs, grunting more often and trying to make noises (lots and lots of squeaks and squeals). It’s like she’s trying out her vocals to see what she can do with them — testing them for later usage when she learns how to speak. She is the cutest little thing ever.

Yesterday I also gave her a bath — the second bath ever (outside of the hospital). She enjoyed it well, but held onto my finger for safety, “just in case.” I can see the trust in her eyes, like she is telling me that although this is the weirdest thing ever (being re-submerged in water after leaving the womb?!), she trusts that I’m taking care of her and she isn’t in danger. I love that look of trust she gives me. Like when I pick her up for a meal, she knows I’m going to feed her and care for her. When I put her on the changing table, she knows she’s getting cleaned. When I hold her and talk to her, she knows I love her and I’m doing this for her. Her eyes are amazing. So aware and intelligent. She can read me like a book. I melt when I see her, and when I am near her.

Another bath from Mommy.

Dolled up in pink from the baby shower.

The miracle swing, from Nana and Granny.

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you can see how aware she is in the swing picture. Life is amazing :o )

Have you tried feeding her in bed, as in lying down and feeding? Molly is sleeping from around midnight to 6/7am, I latch her on and go back to sleep while she feeds. (Well, I doze, but its better than nothing!)
HUGE congratulations BTW, well done xx

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