Highlights of Week 2

Quick highlights of today:

  • Lily Bean lost her little belly button extra thingamajig. It was gross, but now she has an official belly button. Heh.
  • She’s learned to feed quite frequently and effectively, sometimes only vigorously nursing for about 15 minutes at a time. This is pretty normal, right? I find she won’t take the nipple after that cuz she’s so tired and satisfied.
  • She’s raising her head during our “tummy times,” often raising her head to look around the room and stuff. Wow, she’s strong.
  • She’s two weeks old today!!
  • Daddy got a real, full-on, awake giggle today!!! I’m totally jealous. I was in the shower and missed it!
  • I cut her fingernails this morning. That was a very nerve wracking experience, but now at least she won’t scratch herself so easily.

Cuddles with The Mama:

Boy, do I look tired. Heh.

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Helen! Lily is BEAUTIFUL! You and Dave are so blessed!! I just spent some time looking through your flickr photos of her and your labor and pregnancy :) That is amazing that you have a video of her first few moments of life. You will have to show her when she is older, I am sure that will be a real treat for her to see. I love the photos of her with her finger over her lips, hehe, and her smile! She sounds like an angel and I am really, really happy for you :)

Oh, and yes, you look super tired in that photo. But you are also glowing in a way I have never seen before :)

I totally remember cutting fingernails, and how uncomfortable it can be to do cause it’s so nerve-wracking. I used to cut them while they were sleeping cause they’d squirm so much while they were awake.
I noticed that the boys’ appetites changed from day to day while nursing. WTG You made it past two weeks!

That picture of you and Lily is completely adorable. I can’t stop smiling. :)

I kept Connor’s umbilical cord. I know gross. I didn’t think I’d be one of those but it’s a nice memento. hahaha… I’ll be keeping the first tooth he loses and also some of the hair we’ll cut when the time comes.

I thought of keeping it, but decided against it. Haha. I’ll be keeping the first tooth and the hair though, those are cool ideas. :D

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