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We’ve been trying to get Lily Bean to have her schedule back on days instead of on nights. It worked last night – we kept her up right before bedtime (she did not find that at all impressive) so that when she went to sleep, she would sleep through the night except to feed. She only woke up at 4am and 7am to eat, and then she went promptly back to bed after I burped and changed her. What a good little girl. It allowed me to go back to sleep after feeding her, which was just wonderful, to be honest.

When Dave woke up, he took the “morning” duty so that I can catch up on some more sleep. He went to change her diaper, and in the process of transitioning from old diaper to new, she let him have it. Yup, she pee’d all over his hand and onto her tummy. All of a sudden, I heard him yell out, “OMG!! Ohhh nooo, baby, don’t you know Daddy doesn’t do well with this stuff? Aaahhhh… is this for Mommy? Let’s find Mommy.” Hahah. I went to rescue him and cleaned her up, stripped her down naked and gave her a sponge bath. We had to wash the changing table sheet and her clothes and everything. Poor thing.

So, this is the score:

Mommy: 1 on projectile poop
Daddy: 1 on projectile pee

It’s a dangerous game, changing a diaper. You can’t be too quick.

Beauty in her sleep.

Perfect pose.

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lol Aw. The first time Fumiko pooped on Kai I laughed hysterically. The look on his face was priceless. :) We’ve both been peed and pooped on. I think it comes with parenthood! I’m sure you two will have many more interesting situations with her. :D She’s so sweet. I can’t wait to see what she looks like when she gets older.

Fumiko used to sleep with her arms up like that too. I wonder if all baby’s do it?

I highly recommend you keep back-ups for the changing table sheets as well as pack two extra sets of clothing when you go out. Those projectiles can hit when it’s least convenient sometimes…LOL
They say when babies are feeling secure they throw their arms up. :o )

LOL. Ryan is the same. He doesn’t know how to handle it when JC decides to pee in the middle of changing his diaper. Sometimes we end up changing our clothes too. You’re right. You can never be too quick!

Yup, even though I’m an inexperienced mother, I’m a very experienced babysitter. Her going-out bag consists of at least two of everything, including clothes and even a changing pad. Hehe.

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