A Full Day for Lily Bean

Today we had another outing with the Lily Bean. She really likes the car seat and stroller. Dang! What an easy child when she’s out. Heh. She instantly falls asleep. I keep forgetting to take a picture of her when she’s in the stroller, but here she is in the car seat. What a cutie pie! She is sooo itty bitty, it’s amazing how small she is.

We ended up going to a couple of my doctor’s appointments (for some immigration paperwork and stuff), and got some lunch and went to Canadian Tire to get a trash can for her room (didn’t realize we’d need a trash can.. weird thing to overlook in a baby’s room). The whole time, she was completely asleep. People were cooing over her and she didn’t even notice. It was cute. Everyone wants a peek at a newborn baby.

When we got home, she had a nice, long talk with Daddy. She loves when we talk to her. She stares intently at us, and participates every so often with some grunts and random noises. I can’t wait till she starts cooing back at us. Hehe. Daddy also likes tickling her, which she doesn’t appreciate but tolerates, until he overdoes it and she starts yelling at him — these one-time squeaks and yelps that lets him know it’s not okay to tickle someone who is defenseless. Heh.

After an early dinner with The Mama’s boobage, she was really tired. With a biiiig yawn, she went straight to sleep. Again. I hope this doesn’t mean she’s gonna be up all night again. O.o

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She is tiny! :) She’ll probably be a petite little thing considering how tiny her mommy is! :) It’s hard to believe that Fumi-chan was that tiny in her car seat once. Now she’s almost too long for it. Her feets are right at the edge when she’s in it. :) She’ll be getting a big girl carseat soon since she can sit up on her own.

Today she had her first ride in the shopping cart with the shopping cart cover. :D I forgot my camera! But I have to get a photo of it next time she looks so cute!

When Lily is ready, there is a lady on etsy.com that makes excellent shopping cart covers! :)

Okay I’ll remember to ask you about it when the time comes. I didn’t even know there are shopping cart covers.. lol Oh so much I have to learn! :)

I can’t wait to see Miss Fumiko in her shopping cart cover. How cute! She makes me want to just eat her up!

Such a beautiful baby!

She’s gorgeous. ^_^

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