Lily’s First Day of Preschool Part II

The face Lily gave me is a result of this conversation:

Mommy/Daddy: “This is your first day of school! Aren’t you excited??!!”
Lily: “But, I already WENT to school before. This isn’t my first day! (referring to her first day of preschool LAST year when she was 3 years old)”
Mommy/Daddy: “Well, every year, you have a new first day of school, starting a new grade.”
Lily: “But I’m still in preschool?”
Mommy/Daddy: “Well.. um, yes. This year is a bit different since you’re in your second year of preschool. But next year, you will start kindergarten!?”
Lily: “Then, I’ve already done this before. This isn’t my first day. That’s just silly.”

Hence, the look she gave me when I got all excited and took her picture. :P

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