Better Than Ever

Friday, November 18, 2011:

Mommy reaching for some chocolates…
Lily: “Mom! You CAN’T have dessert if you haven’t eaten your dinner! See? I ate MMMYY dinner, so now I can have dessert. *holds up caramel popcorn and sesame cracker*”
Mommy: “Um.. well, I admit you’re right…”
Lily: “Good job, Mommy. Now go eat your dinner…”

Hm. How do I break it to her that mommies get to do whatever they want and don’t have to follow their own rules without making her feel she can completely trump my rules? :P

Sunday, November 20, 2011:

*watching Spiderman cartoon for the first time with Daddy*
Lily: “Who’s that?!!”
Daddy: “That’s a bad Spiderman, not the real Spiderman.”
Lily: “Who is that mean lady?!”
Daddy: “Well, she just looks mean, she’s not really mean.”
Lily: “>.< She should be nice!.... Who's that?!!"
Daddy: "That's er, Stan Lee, who is making an appearance in the cartoon because he's an egomaniac."
Lily: "EAGLE?! He's an EAGLE?!!"

Daddy: “Take another big girl bite, please.”
Lily: “*picks up forkful* Is this a big girl bite?”
Daddy: “Hmm….”
Lily: “Well, let’s just call it a big girl bite, kay?”

Monday, November 21, 2011:

Lily: “Mother? Oh, mother?”
Mommy: “Yes, daughter?”
Lily: “No, call me ‘Big Girl.’”
Mommy: “Oh, I mean.. Yes, Big Girl?”
Lily: “You are the BEESSTT mommy in the wwhoollllee wide world!!”
Mommy: “Aww, thank you so much, honey.”
Lily: “No, call me ‘Big Girl.’”

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