Breakfast Conversation

During breakfast…
Lily: “I’m a good helper, huh?”
Mommy: “Yes you are, baby.”
Lily: “I’m not a baby! I’m Super Girl Helper Princess Lily Hula Dancer Honeycomb Eater!”
Mommy: “Heh. Yes, yes you are.”
Lily: “Mommy, I talk a lot, huh?”
Mommy: “Yes, you do. Are you eating your breakfast?”
Lily: “Uh huh! Mom, I will be mean to ALL THE BAD GUYS!!”
Mommy: “Yeah?”
Lily: “Yeah. Mom, a long long long time ago, I took pictures of trees with Nana.”
Mommy: “I know, baby. That was fun, huh?”
Lily: “Yeah. Mom, what does soggy mean?”
Mommy: “It means your cereal is getting soft.”
Lily: “Oh. Mom, look, my boo boo is all gone!!!”
Mommy: “I’m glad, baby. Are you eating?”
Lily: “Uh huh. Mom, what do you call me when I talk a lot?”
Mommy: “A chatterbox, baby.”
Lily: “Yes. I am a chatterbox. I talk a lot, huh?”

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