Lily’s First Day of School

Our Lily started PRESCHOOL today! OH MY WORD, time flies. I cannot express the emotions that were all over the house the past week, and specifically today. There was a lot of bouncing up and down, a lot of excitement, a lot of “YAY!! PRESCHOOL!!”, and a lot of anticipation. And we’re not even talking about how Lily reacted yet! Just kidding…

Miss Lily has been excited about preschool ever since we started looking for preschools about a year ago. She was so excited that we actually got ready BEFORE we needed to. First time ever that she listened the first time when I asked her, “Okay time to get ready!” She finished her breakfast in record time, she got her shoes on in record time, and she pranced around the house in her little backpack a good 10 minutes before we had to leave. She waited by the door and asked me to “open the door, Mommmmyyy!!” before it was time to go.

I took the day off from work today in order to accompany Lily and her daddy to her first day of preschool. We took the bus because this is how Daddy and Lily will be going to preschool and home on other school days, so the three of us ventured out in the late morning to wait for the bus at the bus stop across the street. It was very exciting.

When we got there, Lily read the welcome sign on the board outside the door, and promptly posed for me. What a sweetheart.

We walked in and we found her cubbyhole, where we set her stuff down. She was super excited to have a cubbyhole.

Lily is only at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for two hours each time. It is a slow transition, and we’re totally super excited about it. We gave her a hug and kiss, and she returned some excited side hugs to us as she was anxious to get going and start playing. She introduced herself to the other kids, and said hi to her two teachers, Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Amber. She fit perfectly in, and just said goodbye to us. We didn’t linger. We hung out around the grounds since we didn’t have a car to get anywhere. On regular school days, Dave/Daddy will be going upstairs to the gym that is also on the facility during the time Lily is in preschool. Today, we just hung out and read books while waiting for her school to end.

When we said goodbye to her, as we were walking away, I started crying. Dave had to comfort me while holding back tears himself. I can’t believe how fast she’s grown, and now she is in SCHOOL. And how well she did without us. How perfectly confident and capable she is. She’s her own little person, and I am so proud, and so heartbroken. Some days, it’s like she doesn’t even need us anymore. Dave and I joke sometimes that it feels like we’re just here to reach the stuff that are on high shelves for her. Heh.

When she saw us at the door when we picked her up, she ran to us, and first thing that came out of her mouth was, “I don’t want to go yet!!!” She absolutely loved it. She ate all her snacks, and followed directions. The teachers said she did fantastic. She can’t wait to go back.

We hopped back onto the bus and on our first stop, we decided to go to the mall and had some late lunch there, since she was only able to have a snack during preschool. She was starving! She was super excited and said she wanted to go back to school “right now!!”

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