Turned 3 and Disneyland

It’s been a while since we’ve updated on Miss Lily’s life. Life with a now-3-year-old is always busy busy busy, and on the go. She is a wonderful adventure in our lives. Everyday we love her more and more. And we are so lucky, so fortunate, to have such a beautiful soul for a daughter. She has grown from being a happy baby to a happy toddler to now a beautiful and kind, though spunky, happy little kid. On July 12 this year, Miss Lily turned 3 years old. She understood the concept completely, and got right into the mode. When she woke up that morning, she ran into our room and said, “AM I THREE TODAY?!” She could hardly sleep the night before because she kept exclaiming to us, “When I wake up tomorrow, I’m going to be THREE years old!”

Miss Lily got a lot of presents for her birthday. She is a fortunate little girl to have so many wonderful and loving people around her, from her extended family to her kid friends and all. One of the more important and meaningful gifts was a silver bracelet we got for her. In my culture, babies and little kids almost always wear some sort of jewelry their mothers gave them. Lily hasn’t had any jewelry since she was born because we didn’t want to force it on her, and because we were always paranoid about choking hazards, having jewelry caught on things, etc. Now that she is 3 and is so much more aware of herself and her surroundings, not to mention her needs and wants (sometimes she gets the two confused of course), we decided it was time that we could invest in some jewelry for her. She absolutely loves it, and hasn’t taken it off since her birthday. I was very excited to get it for her. I spent a lot of months looking for the perfect bracelet, and finally found one the night before her birthday. Phew!

Miss Lily is reading at grade 2 level. She has begun reading her first chapter books, as the “baby” books with one-sentence pages became too easy for her. She kept breezing through them in minutes. Chapter books we found have been more challenging for her, and thus keeps her occupied and learning. She also loves a good challenge and we often find her trying to sound out bigger words on her own, often reading on her own instead of playing with her toys. She is a “super reader,” as she says.

Lily also loves astronomy. Daddy and Lily have been learning about the solar system, and the differences between each planet. I think that pretty soon, she will know more about astronomy than I do. Heh. We have one smart cookie on our hands.

Among those, Miss Lily is also an avid emotion reader. I couldn’t be more proud, being the psychology nerd of the family. She can read facial expressions, subtle social cues, and predict how people are feeling or believing based on their behaviors and the way their faces look. She has such an intuition about people and things that it surprises us a lot, and often her discovery of people’s manners are either ignored by the rest of us or go unnoticed completely. She is such an intuned little person.

She is our little miracle.

Two days after her birthday, we went on our second plane ride with her, down to California as an extended family vacation with some of my in-laws. We just did our first Disneyland full day today, and she was absolutely stoked and very excited!! We’ve been attempting to hide Disneyland from her in hopes of surprising her when we got here. But every so often, we would hint that we would go “somewhere big” and that it would be a great surprise. We’d ask her if she would like to meet her favorite princesses, or see a really cool princess castle, etc. For the past few months, she feigned disinterest or ignorance, so we took that as ignorance.

Boy were we wrong.

Yesterday when we finally got to our hotel, and when we were having lunch, Dave said non-chalantly, “Hmm, I would really love to see a princess castle. It would be really cool if we got to see one.” Her chosen response was, “Daddy, why don’t we just go to the Disneyland castle? There’s a princess castle there.”

We looked at each other with our jaws dropped to the ground. She was coloring and carried on coloring when she said this, as if this was the easiest thing to know and how silly of us not to have thought of this idea already. We asked her how she knew of Disneyland, and she said, “From Mommy and Daddy, silly. From the both of you. You talk about it all the time.”

Hm, so we did. And now our adventure continues. Pictures to come as we go through our 2.5 week holiday in California!

And Disneyland so far:

The plane ride! She was so good!!

Miss Lily was reeaallly tired by the time we got onto the bus from LAX to our hotel.

The four cousins after dinner. So hyped up. “HEIGHTENED!”

The entrance with Daddy and cousin Reilly!

Mommy and Lily!

The Tinkerbell cousin twins.

In line for the Toy Story ride!

Kennedy and Lily on a ride in A Bug’s Life park! Love that face.. haha…

The two cousins. So cute!

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