Lily the Astronomer

Our Lily is so awesome, she is now learning astronomy. At the age of 2. At this rate, she will be smarter than both of us by the time she’s 5. :P

Today’s conversations with Daddy:

Lily: “What is a planet?”
Daddy: “Saturn is a planet.”
Lily: “But what IS it?”
Daddy: “It’s a planet. Saturn is a planet.”
Lily: “But WHAT is a PLANET?!”
…Daddy: “Oh.”

So Lily learned about astronomy today. :P She now knows the earth rotates around the sun, and the moon rotates around the earth. And that there are other planets like the earth that rotates around the sun.

Lily: “We can’t see Egypt from here.”
Daddy: “Yes, you’re right.”
Lily: “It’s on the other side of the planet.”
Daddy: “Yes, it is!”
Lily: “It’s night time here when it’s day time there.”

And now some pictures.

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