Prenatal Class

Welp, are you interested in what I’m lookin’ like these days? From the skinny little itty bitty Helen to the big, bad, pregnant lady! At 31 weeks, I’m smaller than a lot of pregnant women still, but keep in mind that I’ve already gained approximately 23 pounds (since last I checked about a week ago).

Yesterday we went to our prenatal childbirth class at the hospital. We opted for the whole-day class versus the 6-week 2-hour-each evening classes. Some things could’ve been explained in 2 minutes versus half an hour, and I could’ve lived without having to watch videos on “don’t hurt your child” and “why it’s good to wear seat belts,” but overall, it went well. We learned a lot about different types of labor complications, how to tell contractions, what to do when they happen, when to go to the hospital, WHERE to go when the time has come, different types of medication and relaxation drugs during labor (if needed). They really helped in alleviating a lot of my fears about labor. We even got to meet a day-old newborn little girl. The nurse gave her a bath while we watched, and she taught us how to clean her and stuff. She was so adorable and her little screechy cry just melted my heart. It just made the whole experience that much more real.

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Have you two picked out any names for her yet? :) Or are you waiting until she’s born?

Yeah, her name is Lily, short for Lilias. :) Though her nickname is probably permanently Bean now. lol

Aw, that’s sweet. I sort of figured it had something to do with lily since you were calling her lilybean but I wanted to make sure. :) Do you have a middle name yet? Are you giving her one?

Yeah her middle name will be “An,” which is my mother’s first name, and it means “peace” in Vietnamese. :)

Preeetty. :)

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