Did I Mention I Love the Lily?

Did I mention how much I adore The Lily? The Lily who:

- calls her Mommy “Queen,” but her Daddy is “Prince.”
- thanks us for every meal made especially for her.
- not only gives us “big wet kisses” but also “big wet hugs.”
- wakes up in the middle of the night to go potty, and therefore has been training herself to stay dry throughout the night.
- no longer wears pull-ups, day or night! Potty trained since January 22, 2011, age 2.5 years.
- is obsessed with all things princesses, but thinks princesses save princes, instead of the other way around.
- reads herself bedtime stories and sings herself nursery rhymes.
- still loves when I sing her “our” bedtime song, “You are my sunshine” with the lyrics tailor made for her.
- thinks that when someone (a cartoon character, a person, etc.) goes away, they are “going home to their mommy and daddy.”

I love The Lily.

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