Bloodwork & Hiccups

Yesterday I went in for my regular prenatal visit with Dr. Hall. Everything was normal, but Doc wanted me to go in for another ultrasound because my uterus is measuring a little smaller for 28 weeks. She said it’s most likely because I’m so small, and therefore will have a smaller baby anyway. Plus, Bean’s a girl, so she’ll probably take after her mother with the smaller bone structure. To be safe, though, I have an ultrasound appointment on Monday. Will give me a chance to see Bean again! I just love going to ultrasounds. It’s like taking a peak into her world. She must not have a lot of space in there anymore. Heh.

I also did a bunch of blood work. I really hate getting needle poked, but I was a big girl and took it like a champ. Or so they said. Heh. I was tested for gestational diabetes and my hormone level and my thyroiditis issue. The thyroids seem to have gone back to normal, and everything else was fine as well. I don’t have gestational diabetes. As expected. Heh.

Last night, I had the roughest time sleeping. I didn’t actually get to physical sleep until 3am. I tried going into the living room to read and hope that it would make me sleepier. I drifted on and off and eventually climbed back into bed at 3am. I cancelled my morning appointment because I was too damn tired to move. So now I’m just staying home and resting for a bit. I had a couple of dizzy spells last night when I got home from work. Doc said it was probably due to the hormone changes during the 3rd trimester. I just gotta lay around a whole lot.

28 weeks seem kinda hard. O.o Heh. I feel better today but I still feel very exhausted.

The one wonderful thing, though, about not being able to sleep last night was around 2am, I felt these rhythmic little twitches inside my uterus. My tummy started hiccuping. Heh. Bean was having hiccups! It was the cutest thing ever! I felt it for a good few minutes. It seemed to be annoying her too, as she tried shifting back and forth to get comfortable. After about 5 minutes, the hiccups stopped and she went to sleep. My poor baby. I can’t wait to hold her!

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So exciting that this is it’s own site now! How perfect.
Just checked your Tum-timeline, and it is just *so* cool and amazing that you managed to chronicle it. I can’t believe how big you are! :D So awesome. :) Not long now!!

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