Lily’s 2nd Birthday

We can’t believe that Lily is already two years old. Two years ago right now, she and I were bonding in the hospital, and she was keeping the entire maternity ward floor awake with her *really loud* newborn shrieks in the middle of the night. That girl’s got lungs on her from the very beginning. Heh.

Yesterday, we had her birthday party, and Dave’s side of the family came to celebrate it, as well as one of my friends. She loves playing “hostess,” as she thinks it’s the most awesome thing in the world for people to come over and hang out with us. She was ecstatic to see the decorations.

And even more ecstatic to see the presents piling up. She kept asking, “Presents now? Presents now?” Heh. Yup, the “kid” stage has officially begun.

Our little Lily is so big now, she looks like a little girl instead of a baby. Her baby fat is almost non-existent, with the exception of those darn cheeks she inherited from me. She dressed in her birthday outfit (a onesie with the number “2″ on it, and a yellow tutu I made for her), and she strutted around proud, declaring, “ME! Lily’s birthday!” the entire day. Heh. However, when you told her, “Happy birthday, Lily!” she would respond in like to you. For example, when I said that to her, she’d say back to me, “Happy birthday, Mommy!” She loves sharing the spotlight.

She liked the part where she got to open presents, of course. We were all overwhelmed by the excitement of it all, and how many cool things she got.

She also liked the part where everyone sang her “happy birthday” and she got to blow out the candle on the cake. She thought that was awesome. Her cousin, Jaeden, got to help too.

And then, she got the willies when she actually saw the birthday cake up close (which she chose!). She thought the squiggly icing decorations were “worms,” and refused to eat any of the cake, even after we took the icing off! Silly girl.

Today was actually her official birthday. We didn’t do a whole lot special. We went to the park, for her to slide, as usual. And then we converted her crib into a toddler bed (basically, same bed, just took one of the sides off). She absolutely LOVES having the mobility to get in and out, and she stayed put when it was time for naps and bedtime. What a good little girl! She thinks it’s so awesome being able to *read* in bed!

Our little girl is so wonderful. She is beautiful, smart, loving, kind, LOUD, cheeky, almost always happy, and just an all-around most awesome little creature. So beautiful. In recent weeks, she’s also learned how to tantrum (the full-blown on-the-floor, fist-pounding, leg-stomping, yelling-at-the-top-of-her-lungs type), and says “MY ____” to basically everything, from “car” to “house” to “cat” to “Mommy” (the most popular one: “MY mommy!”). She talks a mile a minute, almost non-stop from the time she wakes up to the time we put her to bed again. She comes up with the funniest phrases and sayings, as well as actions and dances. She makes up her songs and lyrics, and sings all the time. She is just so bubbly, so wonderful in her personality, so loving. She is generous with her kisses, she asks how you are in the mornings, if you’re still tired after waking you up, if you need a nap. She’ll give you hugs so you can feel “all better now,” and she tugs her best friend, “Bubby,” her stuffed pink bunny everywhere she goes.

She is awesome.

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