Lily’s Phone Conversation

When did our toddler grow up to be such a lovely, lively, cheerful young lady, who can converse so well and so accurately and articulately over the phone?

*ring ring ring*
Nana: “Hello?”
Lily: “Hi, Nana!”
Nana: “Hi, sweetheart! It is so good to hear from you.”
Lily: “What doing, Nana?”
Nana: “Nana’s talking on the phone with Lily, and Nana enjoys it so much.”
Lily: “I love you, Nana!”
Nana: “I love you too, Lily. What did you do today?”
Lily: “Eat lunch, Nana! Daddy!”
Nana: “That sounds fun! You’re coming to Nana’s house tomorrow. Did you know that?”
Lily: “Nana’s house!!!”
Nana: “What will you be doing at Nana’s house?”
Lily: *pause.. thinking* “Play toys… and… eat lunch… and… nap time!”
Nana: “I’m looking forward to seeing you, Lily.”
Lily: “Nana’s house, ‘morrow! I love you, Nana! I miss you!”
Nana: “I love you too, baby!”
Lily: “BYE!!!!”

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Cute! I love it when Corbin talks on the phone. He usually just says hello over and over again but the other day he had more of a conversation with Grammie.

Yeah, this was probably the first time the conversation was so ongoing and extensive. We were so proud. :)

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