I’ve been researching for baby/infant/toddler products that are eco-friendly, organic, and biodegradable. Lily Bean is going to be the most eco-friendly baby out there! One of the things that Dave and I have decided for our baby is to stay as much away from plastic as humanly possible, especially when it comes to toys and eating materials. This includes bottles, sucky cups, even plastic designs and logos on t-shirts and onesies. Not only are plastics less recyclable, they are also more dangerous as they tend to leak toxins into the baby’s mouth when the baby is sucking on it.

And we all know how much babies love to put things in their mouth. I’ll talk more about non-plastic bottles and utensils in another post.

Dave and I had this long talk about wanting to use either biodegradable, flushable, throw-away organic diapers that are safe for the environment and can even be used as compost, OR… cloth diapers. I thought that we”d have to stick to cloth diapers, as they are the most commonly used form of non-plastic diapers. However, Dave wasn’t really feeling the whole “let’s use lots and lots of water and have a stinky poopy house for a while” concept, so he asked that we look into biodegradable, disposable diapers. Lo and behold, after just a quick search on Google, I found G-Diapers. A single regularly branded diaper (such as Huggies, let’s say) takes approximately 500 years to decompose. Diapers are the 3rd largest filler of landfills in the whole world, yet only a meek 5% of us use them. Our babies can wear diapers well into their toddlerhoods, and with each one that gets changed and disposed of in the garbage, we”re contributing to land fills and wasting away the environment. It’s like decorating our earth walls with shit and plastic. That’s just not cool, yo.

gDiapers are not only biodegradable (takes less time to decompose), it is also extremely UNPLASTIC, and safe to use. The liner and the actual diaper pants are re-useable and washable, and the diaper itself is flushable. It decomposes immediately in the toilet. And if for whatever reason you don”t want to or can’t flush (due to an older, more stubborn toilet perhaps), you can simply toss it in the trash and it will still take a percentage of the 500 years to decompose since it is made from all organic and earthly materials with no plastic.

Plus, the awesome diaper pants come in all these beautiful, cute, pastel baby colors to hold the diapers. I’m entirely convinced. :D I strongly recommend them to you too. When we try them out with Bean, I’ll send you all a full, detailed report.

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[...] you may or may not recall from a previous post, we’ve decided to use g-diapers instead of disposables or cloth diapers. These days, while [...]

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