Starting 2010 Well

Lily hit off 2010 with turning 18 months old, as I mentioned in the previous post. So far, 2010 is going great. We’re not a “New Year’s Resolutions” type of family, but this year, it was sort of forced upon us. For one, we were looking to get into a new house after the (what seems like) spontaneous sale of our current home. After a roller coaster ride with the first offer and having it fall through within 48 hours of making an offer and having it accepted, we were discouraged, freaked out, stressed, and tired from the whole house hunting scene. So, when we found this house, we were over ecstatic, and we didn’t want to jinx it. After an excruciatingly long week of having an offer accepted and then waiting for all the “conditions” to fall into place before the closing date (today), we finally, finally can say that we are officially home owners! Of this beautiful, brand new house:

It’s a 3-story split-level home. The first two stories belong to us (3 bedrooms), and the 3rd story is actually a basement suite, to be rented out. We also have a coach home above the garage, also to be rented out. It is a great thing to be able to have income every month to help us pay for the mortgage. Besides that, as we grow as a family, we’ll be able to reclaim the basement suite again and make it our own. It will be sweet!!

Of course, Lily’s favorite part of the house is by far the stairs. She wants to climb up and down it every time we go and visit and have another look. That’s all she wants to do. Stairs is the big thing in her life right now.

In other news, seeing that Lily is now 18 months old, we decided to mark this awesome time in her life with a hand print in plaster. She loved being part of the mixing, and she was so good at paying close attention and following directions. She only put her hand in the plaster when I asked her to, and then she was so excited about what she did, she couldn’t stop talking about it (or rather, pointing to it over and over again, saying, “Hand! Lily hand!”). Then she had to drag Daddy into the kitchen to show him what we just did as well.

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What a beautiful house!
Oh, and I love Lily’s dress, it’s sooo cute!

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