15.5 Months Old

Whew, we have been busy! What with Halloween coming (Lily’s first trick-or-treating experience, we’re planning for), and getting the house up for sale, it’s been a whirlwind around here. Lily has been growing so much. She’s 15 months old now, and if we thought she was growing exponentially before, we hadn’t seen nothing yet! Here are only some of the things Miss Lily Bean is doing these days.

  • Lily loves to read to us. She will pronounce and read a lot of the words in the book, but will ask for help and point to a word if she doesn’t know how to say it.
  • Lily can recognize individual letters of the alphabet and sound them out. Such as “B” means “beeeee” and “Y” sounds like “Wwhhyyyyyy” and V is “veeeee”…
  • Lily also knows how to recognize several numbers. Her favorites are the number “4″ and the number “9″…
  • Lily makes up songs and dances on her own. Sometimes they have whole chorus lines too.
  • Lily is speaking up a storm. She can say more words everyday, and often repeats what we say. She’ll pick up certain words when we speak to her in sentences. It’s true what they say — you have to be veerryyy careful what you say around kids! Sometimes we think she’s not listening, from across the room, and she’d prove us wrong by repeating what we just say, nonchalantly.
  • Lily can use a spoon, though she prefers to use her hands and fingers.
  • Lily goes to sleep at 7:20ish pm every night and wakes up between 7am and 7:45am every morning.
  • Lily now has her two bottom front teeth (so cute!), and about 4 of her top front teeth. We think one or more of her molars are coming in too.


  • Lily will walk beside us most of the time when we go out. She hardly uses her stroller anymore.
  • Lily has stopped using the bottle when she was about 13.5 months old. She prefers to drink out of a straw cup, but will sometimes take a sippy cup.
  • Lily is still on formula because of her different allergies. It was recommended that she stays on formula until she is about 18 months old, by which point we will switch over to organic whole cow’s milk.
  • Lily also drinks orange juice and water.
  • Lily understands some Vietnamese, and can say “Ngoai” (grandparent), and “Da” meaning “Yes, ma’am” in Vietnamese.
  • Lily loooooves to cuddle.
  • Lily can climb on the couch. (for a few months now)
  • She also likes to give eskimo kisses (wiggle her nose against our nose).
  • Lily can point out people she knows from a photo in a frame.
  • Lily has started calling me “Mommy” and Dave “Daddy” for about a month now.
  • Lily gives kisses to Tink too.
  • Lily likes playing with older babies and toddlers, though still calls them “baby!!!”… heh.
  • Lily is outgrowing her baby bath.
  • Lily’s best friend besides her bunny (“Babbiiii!!”) is Elmo.
  • She also adores her Ernie (“Kekekekeke”) doll.

Our Lily will be a ladybug this year for Halloween. Here are some photos of what she will look like. I didn’t put the ladybug wings on her yet, in these photos!






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What a cutie! They grow up so fast don’t they. Selling the house! exciting! Hope you have a cute little lady bug coat to go with that super cute costume for the NW tricker treating!

Oh yes! She will be wearing a long-sleeved onesie underneath the dress, and a jacket on top of that. Plus, tights on her legs and some socks and thick boots. Heh. But, if it ends up raining, we’ll go trick or treating at the mall to trick or treat, by which we can let her run around more freely without being all bundled up.

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