13.5 Months Old

Lily is just about 13.5 months old now. She is doing so many different things, it’s hard to keep up with her. She dropped her morning nap about a week and a half or so ago, so now we are dealing with the full-on transition. She’s been transitioning for about two weeks prior to that, and then she just didn’t want to take her afternoon nap if she had a morning nap, so she’d end up going about 7 hours without a nap. Too much for a little baby! So we decided to drop her first morning nap and move her afternoon nap early to break her day a little more evenly. She took to it very well, as she does to usually everything else (give or take a few times of practice). Now, she consistently has one nap everyday, and most of them go for 2 hours. Sometimes 3 if we’re lucky. She is also sleeping through the night — has been for a couple of months now. She is really easy to get down for her naps and her bedtimes. At night, she sleeps 12-13 hours each night. It’s a blessing. And she never cries regarding sleep anymore.

Lily is learning new things everyday. Dave is still staying home with her on weekdays, while I’m at work, and poor guy is absolutely exhausted. He is such a good daddy — it amazes me how much he can do. I would have loved to be the one to stay home with her, but if I can’t, I wouldn’t have been able to choose a better daddy to stay home with my little girl. He does so well with her — they have educational activities, sing-along times, snacks and lunchtimes (all healthy), and even outings and walks to the beach and the park. Sometimes they have outings with Nana and Granny too. Their days are pretty full. I am very impressed with how well Dave is doing at home with her. Plus, he even does all the daily chores like laundry and dishes!



Lily knows how to read various words, as usual. We are also teaching her the ABCs, both phonetically as well as what they are called. She sings along as best she can when we sing the ABCs together. She also knows her colors and some of her numbers. When someone asks her, “How old are you?” she holds out a finger to show that she is “one” year old. She signs pleases and thank yous when she wants and receives something (sometimes when she is cranky, she tries to skip the please, but we have been insisting that she doesn’t get what she wants when she whines or yells). When she is done with a meal, she signs “all done” as well as speak the words, “Ah-Da! Ah-Da! Ah-Da!” over and over again. She is pretty insistent when she is “all done” with something.

She knows her routine backwards and forwards. It is amazing how much this girl learns. When we tell her it’s time to go out, she walks to her room to get her shoes, and then sits down on one of our laps and holds up her feet so that we can put her shoes on. When we come home, we take off her shoes, and she puts them back where they belong in her room (right into the little cubby box too!). At approximately 6:30pm to 7:00pm every night, she marches straight to the bathroom and to the bathtub, declaring, “Ba! Ba! Ba!” signaling to me that it is her “bath” time before her bedtime reading. Then before her bedtime reading and cuddles with Mommy (and maybe a last bottle of the night), she marches to find her daddy to give him a “hug and kiss goodnight.”

When it is meal time, our little Lily gets her hands washed for foodage, and then she marches over to her high chair, taps on it, and sometimes signs “Please,” signaling that it is time to eat. She also knows how to clean up after herself. When she is done playing, as long as we remind her, she puts all her toys away in their respective places. She knows to put all the bristo blocks in the “green box” and all her musical toys in the “wooden box” and all the other toys in her “toy box.” When you ask her where her toys are, she marches over to her toy box and points inside.

Miss Lily loves to be tickled. She thinks it’s hilarious. Recently, she has learned to tickle others as well. She would walk cautiously towards you, fingers out, getting into tickle position, and then suddenly you’d feel a soft little hand trying to tickle your sides, or your stomach, or your shoulder. If you’re lucky, she’ll also march over to give you a biiiigggg hug and a kiss on the cheek. Mommy and Daddy are usually very lucky. :)

Miss Lily has also been learning to play various games with us. The other day, Daddy thought it would be cute to teach her how to play Wii Music, so we got the game out, and after a few tries, she got it pretty quickly that she was supposed to shake the control in order for the music to come on.

We’re still getting the logistics ironed out, but she’s doing so good for her first time!

This past weekend, we went to the PNE in Vancouver. It’s a type of fair / playland / roller coaster park thing here. We specifically wanted to take Lily to the farm animals, the petting zoo area. She’s never met farm animals before, though she sees them in photos and pictures and on the tv screen whenever we show them to her. We wanted her to see them in real life, in real form, in real sizes. She was absolutely amused, and had a grand ol’ time trying to chase them all around.



Our little baby girl is growing so fast. We love her to bits!

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Isn’t it amazing how much they learn! I love that she says please and thank you. Corbin knows please but we often have to promt it before he uses it. Pretty cool stuff going on in their little brains!

So pleased to hear that Lily’s doing well, Helen. She is growing so fast. She’s as cute as a button. ^_^

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