Mmmm Noodles

OMG! I believe, almost without a doubt, that I just felt Bean’s first hard “kick.” It felt like a couple of fingers flickering against my tummy. I tried having Dave feel, but by the time he got his hand against my tum, Bean had already moved on to bigger and better things, exploring the uterus and stuff like that. A second! That’s all it took – a second! So exciting.

So lately, my cravings have been:

  • honeycomb cereal with milk
  • spam and eggs with rice
  • pho noodles from Black Pearl restaurant
  • coconut and milk blend milkshake

My back is very uncomfortable at night. I can hardly get a good night’s rest. I have two body pillows on either side of me, to ensure that I don’t roll onto my back and sleep that way. I’m constantly sleeping on my sides, but those positions get tiring. So I’m guaranteed about 2 feet of width to move around (which is about as wide as I am :P ). Feels a little claustrophobic, but it’s the most comfortable I’ve been able to manage since my belly’s gotten bigger. I read that I’m not supposed to be sleeping on my back because it cuts blood circulation into the uterus, so I’m trying to be very careful. I just wish I can get a good night’’s rest too! Any ideas?

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