1st Birthday

There have been many, many milestones in the last couple of weeks, it seems. Lily turned 1 whole year today, and life couldn’t be more interesting for the Edwards family. Lily is growing so fast, and she is learning so much, and showing us so much that we’re amazed at how quickly this time seems to go. I can’t believe it has already been one whole year since her birth. This time last year, we were in the hospital, recovering from a difficult labor, and we had no idea what was in store for us. We are so in love with this little girl. Judging by how happy she is all the time, I think she gets just how much we love her.

From July 4th to July 11th, we went to Southern California, partly to celebrate her birthday with my side of the family, and partly to celebrate summer vacation with Dave’s side of the family at Disneyland. The trip went very well, though some parts of it were stressful, as it was ssooo packed full throughout the entire time. Lily did soooo well with sleep and going with the flow. She dropped a bottle throughout the week, but ended up eating a WHOLE lot more solids, so things seem to balance out. She can’t seem to get enough of food, especially on the go. She seems to be eating twice as much food as she did just a week ago, so this is new to us, and we can’t say we’re not pleased!

Now that we’ve unpacked everything and the house looks decent again, I have some time to do some updates while our lovely little Lily sleeps.

Lily has learned how to wave on command (it resembles a bit of the queen’s wave), say “hi” on command, walk more steadily and longer (she walks EVERYwhere now), express herself when she wants something and doesn’t want something, can point to things she wants (though most of the time she just hollers at us till we get it.. heh), can read more words, can say more words (cat, hi, ngoai [Vietnamese for Grandma]), can mimic a word if you ask her to say it, can point to herself when she sees a photo of herself, she can nod and shake her head to questions, she can drink out of a straw, etc. etc. I can’t even remember all the things she’s doing now because they seem to come on so fast and so quickly, all bunched together.

Some pictures from the trip….

Lily’s first flight!

Lily was very awesome on the plane, even though she was very, very, VERY tired. Like, exhausted. She slept on the flight to California, but didn’t on the flight back to Vancouver.

In fact, Lily slept most of the trip at Disneyland and California Adventure Park. She got some kiddie rides in, though.

In front of Disneyland!

In front of California Adventure Park!

Daddy and Lily in California Adventure Park.

Daddy and Lily at LAX on our way back to Vancouver on July 11.

And for pictures from today, her actual birthday. We had a small family celebration and Kendra and Addie were also able to join us for a bit of it for some present opening and cake eating. Most of the family are still on holiday in California, so we’ll do a family thing when they get back within the next couple of weeks. Then, in the evening, we went to visit Granny (the person whom she was named after — Lilias) in the hospital.

Lily got a water/sand tray from us for her birthday. It was too cold out to be filled with either right now, but she certainly was interested!

She opened the other presents from us while Kendra and little Addie were here.

Some bath and water toys!

A baby pool with cover!

She also loved the Elmo birthday card we got — it especially tasted good, she said.

Then the two babies got ready for some cake. “We want cake! We want cake!”

We sang her happy birthday, to which she was amused and curious about.

Then it was cake eating time! Yay! She wasn’t afraid of the cake this time, which was great. She saw what Addie was doing, and she learned to do it too.

The end product of the birthday cake after the babies got their hands on it.

Then we went to see Great Granny in the hospital! Great Granny was ssooo happy to receive hugs and kisses galore!

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OMG! I was watching this and even though I read that she is walking… I didn’t realize it! Cool! She is so cute walking around :-) And I love the cake eating too. Glad she had a good time in Cali. Yay for adventures!

Love the pics Helen.

Happy Birthday Lily! I can’t she’s 1 year old already.

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