Standing, Walking, Etc.

Lily is growing so fast, I don’t even know where to begin to announce all the changes going on with her. But I shall try anyway.

  • She can now clap. She learned about a month or so ago, and now she doesn’t do anything BUT clap. She also knows that if you ask her to clap, she’ll do it for you. And if she hears the song, “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands…” she also go ahead and clap along to the song. It’s very cute. It’s also her way of cheering herself on during mealtimes.
  • Lily can also shake her head. Although technically, she’s learned this around 7 months or so, now it’s much more pronounced and at will. When you ask her a question, even if the answer is “yes,” she’ll still shake her head “no” as a response. Such as… “Are you a happy girl?” She’ll shake her head “no” with a giant smile on her face.
  • Lily has now perfected the one-hand walk/run. She only requires holding onto one of our hands in order to walk and run. She practically bolts. She loves playing chase and tag with us. She also loves chasing Tink around the house. Sometimes she thinks she can trick us and run faster than us, but then she realizes that we’re actually RIGHT behind her and she can’t outrun us since she’s holding onto our finger!
  • Lily has, overnight, at about 10.25 months old, learned to eat finger foods and feed herself throughout every meal. All of a sudden, she just started picking food off her tray and putting them directly into her mouth. Before that, SOMETIMES we’d get lucky and she’d put something into her mouth during mealtimes, but most of the time she just played with her food. Recently, something “clicked” and now she’s a nonstop eating machine. I’m so relieved! She’s also a trooper and tries to eat everything I put on her tray, even if it’s new. She’s tried smoked gouda (she likes it, but in smaller doses), miso soup tofu, mango, toast (not a huge fan of this), almond butter (turned out to be mildly allergic), peas (her favorites), oranges (looooves this), grapes, cheerios, puffs, etc. etc. etc. I’ve been trying to mix and match up with veggies more. She loves pears and apples in chunks too.

  • We’re trying to teach her “all done” in sign language, since she’s darn loud!

  • While nap times during the day are easier (she’s now back to her usual 2 naps a day, thanks to Daddy), night time sleep continues to be a mystery. Sometimes she goes down easy, other times she doesn’t. Sometimes she wants to be cuddled, other times she doesn’t. We’re going to have to decide on ONE routine among the two of us (me and Daddy) and stick with it, because the inconsistency is really confusing. She can put herself to sleep now, but we’re not consistent about it, so sometimes it takes her longer and sometimes it only takes 5 minutes for her. She has regular night wakings too, and sometimes they are just binky emergencies and other times they are longer cuddle sessions. Sometimes she is okay with me leaving the room after sticking the binky back into her mouth, and other times she cries for me to stay. Last night, she woke up at 2:30a and decided to stay up until 6:20a. ABSOLUTELY exhausted the whole time, but for some reason couldn’t go back to sleep. I think she’s teething (again? we’re still waiting for the first tooth!), and she was just so irritated and uncomfortable. Sleep continues to be a mystery.
  • The most exciting news is that two days ago, Lily decided to take her first independent step! Three times in one day! They were very itty bitty steps, but she did it on her own and we’re so proud of her! I missed the first two since I was at work, but she performed to me when I got home afterwards. So proud of our little girl.
  • And, as mentioned in an earlier post, here’s a video of Lily giving kisses.

    I’ve been up since 2:30a, thanks to Miss Lily Bean. I’m exhausted. Time to get ready for work. Oi.

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    Isn’t it crazy how fast they learn things and grow. It’s so amazing. Looks like she is a pro with the food now :-)

    hi helen u will be surprised to see a new commenter on your website.So formal intro am ruby from india currently in manila and really liked your website and congrats to you for your little miracle cutie pie bean.Try to be in touch with bean through your website and plz give my lots and lots of love to dear angel:-)

    wow she has really grown since I’ve been to your site! She is such a doll!

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