Lumpy Food and Self Feeding

Well, we’re working on this. A lot. Lily doesn’t like her food lumpy, and is perfectly content on having us feed her. She is a great eater, but over the last week or so, on and off, we’ve been trying to introduce her to picking up her own food and feeding herself, along with making her foods chunkier. We tried pears, in small chunks, thinking this may be good since she LOVES, CRAVES pears. Nope. Didn’t work. She touched it, picked it up, and then promptly dropped it because it was slimy. Would much rather have it spoon fed to her.

Yesterday, we tried giving her a giant chunk of avocado (yes, fully knowing that she wouldn’t be able to bite it off or swallow it), but hopefully to encourage her picking up food and putting it in her mouth. I was hoping she would just pick it up, and suck on it. Nope. Didn’t happen. She loves avocado, but she didn’t like how it felt in her hand — slimy and wet and stuff. She would barely touch it. She liked the bowl instead, and tried eating it. Grr.

To tell you the truth, I’m quite stressed about this. I feel like I set her up for failure by not introducing chunks and lumps and finger foods to her earlier. She’s almost 9 months and she’s still in Stage 1.5. We’re going to keep at it, of course. Over the last few days, she’s vomited all her milk out, along with whatever food she had, after we offered her lumps in her food. She has such a strong gag reflex. It totally freaked us out. And, of course, it freaked her out and further discourages her from trying any more lumps and chunks. *sigh* Last night was a bad vomit session. She threw up so much. Like projectile vomiting. Poor baby.

We haven’t had time to actually go shopping at our local organic store for “finger” dry foods, like crackers and cheese and stuff. She won’t pick up anything wet or slimy at this point, so I’m hoping that she may want to try a bit of toast (since it’s dry and not slimy). I’m also hoping that if I put some food on the edge of a bigger baby spoon, she’ll try to feed herself that way. She’s allergic to arrowroot cookies (she LOVED feeding herself with that), so we have to be careful what kinds of cookies we give her. It’s hard with all her allergies.

I need some words of encouragement, and positive reinforcement that I’m not the worst mother in the world. :P

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You are NOT a bad mother! I think every baby is just different! She will do it when she is ready :-) Another friend’s baby who is also 9 months is just starting to get it too. Don’t freak out! :-)

I agree with Erin :) Though I have no personal experience with the process, I do agree that it is different for every child :D *HUGS* You are a great mom!!!

You are not the worst mother in the world! I think you are quite the opposite! I think you’re a great mom for being able to take care of Lily and work at the same time.

Like everyone said every baby is different. Jonathon loves food but he hates lumpy and finger foods. I know that he should be able to self feed at his age but he doesn’t want to! He’s 10 months! I am not worried though. He’ll figure it out on his own. All I can do for now is to encourage him until he figures it out. :)

Don’t stress out too much. You’re a great mom!

Omg, thanks, guys. I feel a lot better. Thanks, Krisa! I’m glad I’m not alone. lol Whew!! We’re doing more “thicker” foods with her, and she’s slowly getting it, but for the most part she’s not loving the switch. Heh.

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