Trying Chunks

It’s been a crazy, busy work week. Glad it’s the weekend. We finally had an opportunity to feed Lily some chunkier foods. And finger foods. She’s not having the “finger foods” aspect of it, though. She doesn’t know why we’re making her pick up her own food and put it in her mouth. She won’t do it. :P She’ll pick it up, but that’s about as far as it goes! We tried just pears this time. Chunky enough for her to pick up, but soft enough for her to “chew” with her gums. I put some in her mouth, and when she realized it was pears, she loved it! However, there was no convincing her to actually PICK them up herself. (sigh)

In fact, when I asked her to pick up the pears and put them in her mouth, she laughed at me! I got a video! She thought it was the silliest thing I’ve ever said! “PICK them up MYSELF, Mama? What a funny joke!” However, she did end up eating the chunkier pears, but I had to spoon feed them to her. Well, baby steps, I suppose!

My ex coworkers and awesome friends, Jen and Martha, came up to visit us today. We went with Lily for lunch by the beach, and walked around a bit. I managed to get a picture of Jenbug with Lily. She warmed up to them much easier today.

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Hi. Who’s the cutie?

Which cutie? The best friend, or the baby? According to the website’s name, the baby is called “Lily.” :P

They’re both cuties. Too cute to boot :o P

Oh, Chon. Why not just come clean and comment as yourself? ;P Weird that you’d be posing as your girlfriend, don’tcha think?

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