Waving and Standing

We’ve been trying to perfect her waving for a few months now. “Can you wave?” “Wave to Mommy!” “Wave to Nana!” “Wave to Daddy!” She’s been practicing her wave. Yesterday, she perfected it pretty dead on. It was so cute. She decided to wave to her daddy and then to me during dinner time. That stinker. That distracted us from feeding her for a bit (I think that was her intention).

And then she got into a giggling fit, WHILE having the hiccups. Every time I said “HI!” she laughed.

Today, for her afternoon nap, we tried putting her down and what happens? Four times out of four, she rolled over onto her belly, got into crawling position, and then stood herself up in the crib. This is AFTER we had put her down about 85% asleep in the first place. That stinker. So this was the sight I walked into after the 4th time:

I eventually had to take her to our bedroom to snuggle with her to get her to sleep (she was sooo cranky and sleepy) while her daddy Dave lowered her mattress (we didn’t get around to it over the weekend). That stinker is growing so fast, it’s unbelievable! Here she is sleeping in our bed:

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Oh no! That little stinker is right! I don’t know if you remember my blog about Corbin standing or not… but the advice I was given, is don’t go in there! It will just turn into a game… hard to do but they figure out how to get down eventually.

How long did it take for Corbin to figure out that he can get down and put himself back to sleep?

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