Big 8.5-Month Milestones

Wow, the milestones are coming in strong and fast! Yesterday was a big one for “firsts.”

First time pulling herself up using something (the crib!). We were all in her room so we can move around some furniture and organize some of her stuff. So we put her in the crib to have her out of the way yet still near us. We turned around, and what do we see? She was trying to pull herself up from the side of the crib! I ran to get my camera, and we caught the whole thing on tape. This part was when she was actually successful for the very first time.

She was so proud of herself. She kept doing it over and over again. She hasn’t figured out that she can roll from her back to her front, and then try to get up, so we’re still safe (at least for the next couple of days!) from her waking up and then pulling herself up. She can pull herself up only from a sitting position and a crawling position. She keeps trying to do sit-ups when she’s on her back. She forgot she can roll over and start the whole thing that way! We’re going to lower her bed today. Heh.

First time yesterday trying chunkier solids on her own. It was an unsuccessful attempt. I think we’ve kept her so clean during meals that now she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty. She was confused as to why there were sticky things on her tray, and when she tried grabbing at them, she was a little disgusted that they stuck to her fingers. She would much rather eat her spoon. I think I sort of set her up for failure though, as I gave her something she’s never tried before (butternut squash), AND she had just woken up from a nap so she was all groggy, AND this was her first chunky finger foods experiment. When we gave her the spoon, though, she was all over it. She would much rather eat the spoon. Heh.

She was shuttering, going, “Eeww… this stuff is STICKY!! Eeww!!” Heh. What a princess.

BUT, she gave me a darling smile when I asked her to smile for the camera. Hehee. (Seen below.)

Then later on that day (still yesterday), we set up her play pen, thinking that we were probably going to need it now since she’s crawling and army crawling so fast. She won’t keep still! We put her in it, and took some pictures.

And then we promptly folded it up and put it back in its box. That puppy dog, caged look was too much for us. We didn’t have the heart to leave her in there. She looked up at us so sadly, wondering, “Why am I in a cage now that I can move?” So yeah, we’re not using it for at least another month. At least until she can fully pull herself up to standing so she doesn’t feel so “stuck” in there lying and sitting all by herself. Poor baby.

Yesterday was also her first time wearing jeans. I don’t know why I never put her in jeans before, but yesterday was the first! She looked so cute in it!

She’s been having more binky emergencies throughout the night. The last two nights, she had about 3 throughout. Granted, she just needed her binky back and then she put herself to sleep, but still. I wonder what’s going on. We do the same things every night for her routine before bed, so I have no idea what’s up. She’s such a sensitive little girl (physically, I mean), that if one little thing is “off,” she can’t sleep through the night. Poor baby.

But yes, yesterday was a big day for many happenings!

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Watch out, here comes Lily! I hope that your standing in the crib goes better than ours! I love the videos!

She is so cute, and is growing so fast! The videos were adorable! This may sound weird Helen, but you have a pretty voice…it sounds like you would be a good singer! Do you sing? :) lol

Thanks, Leah! lol If you ever heard me attempt to sing, you’d never ask me that question again or suggest that I sing again. Haha. I can hardly carry a note. lol It’s sad, really. Heh. I can probably break glass if I tried hard enough with my singing!

I forgot to say this the first time when I read this…. baby proofing is much nicer than confinement for babies! Corbin would also HATE being set into the pack and play! Instead we gate him into the room with us and baby proofed the heck out of our house :-) Ha! Good luck with that :-)

LOL, I love that look, like, what did you give me?!
I wonder if she’d be interested in feeding you, that may encourage her to eat it quicker.
I agree with Erin, we baby proofed everything we could (including taping wash cloths to the corners of harder furniture) and encouraged exploration rather than confinement. I vacuumed nearly every day…I really only used the playpen when I needed to do the dishes & had no gates to block the lil ones in the kitchen with me, or when they were a bit too mischievous to be left to their own devices while I loaded the dishwasher. This is a good time to search out protectors for the electronics (DVD player, TV etc) cause once they figure out what those buttons do it’s difficult to deter them from said items.
She’s such a cutie pie! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten…I wish I could give her a snuggle.

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