Teething, Sleeping, and Much More

Oh, the woes of first year blues for a baby, eh? Lily has always been such a great sleeper, give or take a few nights here and there of general “woeness” as she goes through regular baby changes. Just as we’ve got the no-cry sleep solution down pat (she is fast asleep by 8p, no cry no fuss; and she was starting to sleep through the night with minimum “binky emergencies”), we are now faced with some teething issues.

She’s been wanting to chew on everything she can get her hands on. My fingers, her shirt, teething toys and rings, all her books, etc. You name it. If it can get into her mouth, she’s going to try to chew on it to soothe her poor gums. I’ve been feeling her gums and checking them out, but so far, nothing. They’re becoming harder though.. as if ready for something to pop through. Her upper gums are of a darker red than normal. And she seems to want to soothe the sides of her mouth more than the front.

At night, she goes down really easy, but lately (like, the past two or three nights), she’s been almost systematically waking up every two to three hours. Sometimes every hour or hour and a half even. I’m walking around like a zombie. When she wakes up, she wakes up SCREAMING bloody murder. Like she just had a nightmare or something. It would freak the both of us out, but once I pick her up, she’d nestle right close up to me, and go back to sleep almost instantly. She just wants to be close to The Mama, it seems. Dave tried comforting her a couple of times, but she kept wailing.

So it’s been like that for the past few nights. I’m soooooo exhausted, I don’t know what to do with myself. We’ve tried Orajel thingies on her gums, but that didn’t really help, and I didn’t really like that we’re rubbing numbing stuff into her mouth. I got some homeopathic stuff yesterday – Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Put some underneath her tongue and it just melts in her mouth. It’s supposed to be more soothing, and more natural for her than the orajel stuff is. And the tylenol from time to time. But it doesn’t appear to be helping much. She’s still waking up screaming bloody murder.

This is new for her, since she’s usually so mellow. I was afraid it was something more than just teething. So I took her to the doc’s today, and got her ears checked out (she’s been tugging at them too.. I thought she might have an ear infection). Nope. Clean bill of health. However, the doc did look at her gums, and she sees ridges, which means the teeth are getting ready to pop up any time now. They’re just taking their sweet, sweet time.

Oh, but how I miss sleep. Oh dear sleep, what a thing of beauty art thou.

In other news, Miss Lily Bean has been sitting up so well. Sometimes, every so often, she thinks it’s so funny to fall backwards, out of nowhere, all of a sudden. It’s definitely purposeful. It’s not like she’d teeter and totter and suddenly fall back. It’s like, “Wee, WOOP! FALL BACK NOW!” Kinda scary for us, but thank goodness we’ve made it a habit to put a pillow behind her. She likes doing it so that she can practice trying to lift herself up on her own. Heh.

This is her sitting up all nice-like.

This is her attempting to fall back. Look at that purposeful smile. :P

She’s also been trying to “crawl.” So far, she’s going backwards pretty darn well. She can get up onto her hands and knees, and then sway back and forth, as if trying to “launch” herself forward. She’s been doing the push-up plank position, as well as doing a bit of the downward dog yoga position. She’s getting pretty strong. She’s a pretty mellow baby, so she’s like, “Eh, I’ll get it.”

Front view of her plank position.

Because of her awesome sitting-up skills now, Daddy Dave has realized that hey, this makes babysitting a WHOLE lot easier!! Here he is, propping her up on the couch while he relaxes and watches some TV. She was perfectly happy to have something to gnaw on.

(Don’t you just love her high-waisted pants?)

We’ve also been trying to get her used to her sippy cup. She drank out of it for the first time a few days ago, and was shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you!) to have received something bland tasting. We told her this liquid was called “water,” but she was not too impressed.

And throughout all the teething and sleep issues, we still have a beautifully cheery, awesome little girl. Well, at least during the day, when The Mama is a zombie.

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Poor little girl! Poor mommy! Teething is hard! I have also heard they go up and down sometimes. One of Corbin’s did that. It seems so painful. When Corbin was teething I think I gave him Tylenol for a whole week! We are also using the teething tablets. Good luck!

I just love all of the outfits that you’ve photographed her in.
A note on the Orajel, if you don’t use it sparingly (read, if you use big globs of it) they can swallow it, causing their trachea (or whatever part of the throat it is that controls the in-out portion) to numb and they loose the ability to swallow properly while in use. Might be something to look into.
I think I always kept a cold wash cloth, and Tylenol at night when it was bedtime. No, it may have been Ibuprofen, for the anti-inflammatory. Hmm, it’s been a while.

Yeah, Amber, I’ve heard of the numbness of the trachea. That’s why I don’t use it anymore. I used it very sparingly to begin with, and don’t like how I don’t have control over what happens in her mouth.

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