First Constipation Period

I must be going insane. I’m u pat 3:30am. Willingly! Lily Bean briefly woke up for a binky emergency, but she’s long since gone to bed, and I’m still up. I got the munchies, too. So I decided to make myself something to eat, and now I’m still up. I need to get to bed soon. She wakes up in a few hours!

But, before I do, I wanted to update a bit on what’s been going on. Today (the 12th), is Lily Bean’s 7th-month “birthday.” She’s SEVEN months old! WOW!!!! Our baby girl is growing soooo fast. How awesome is that? And each day, she gets cuter and cuter, and more “grown up,” so to speak. We can see what she’s going to look like as a toddler. She totally doesn’t have that “newborn” look anymore. She hasn’t for a while. I’m just still so amazed at how fast she’s growing.

Today also happens to be Dave’s and my 10th-year anniversary of the day we met in person. The day we decided we were a “couple.” Wow, has it already been 10 years? Ten great, healthy, happy years. I’m looking forward to many “ten”s more, Husband O’ Mine! We create beautiful magic together, and we create even more beautiful baby(ies?)!

Okay, so…

Lily started getting constipated about 5 days ago. Give or take. She only pooped twice during those 5 days. We were really starting to panic after the first day, so I looked up what could be causing it in her diet. It turns out rice cereal is a great culprit of constipation, and so is apple sauce (among other things, but those are the only things she’s had recently that may explain the situation). So I cut those two completely off her diet (for now). We introduced puree’d prunes to her diet on the 2nd day. Gave her just a couple of spoonfuls at first. That didn’t seem to help for the next couple of days. I gave her prunes and peas for breakfast and dinner, and that didn’t really seem to help. She was farting a whole lot, but that’s about as far as it went.

We also did many “bicycle” leg exercises with her, and rubbed her poor little tummy. Got lots of farts, but nothing more. So yesterday, I went in search of some organic prune juice. Got one at the Coop in Bellingham, after work. I diluted it with some water so that it’s not so intense. Gave her about 3 ounces. She gulped it down like crazy (she LOVES prunes!!). Then put her in a warm bath, to which she was delighted! This was her first “big girl” bath, where she got to sit up on her own. She was weary at first, though, since I took her into the bathtub and she’s never been there before. But once she was in the water and sitting up, and acclimated to the warm water, she was having the time of her life!

She figured out that she could “splash splash splash” and that it wasn’t the swimming pool. Hahha! She was kicking and kicking her legs, and going “splash splash splash,” trying to get at her rubber duckie.

It was so darn cute, I even got a video!

After the bath, I fed her another bottle, and rubbed her tummy some more. She was soooo fussy, so irritable, so antsy and fidgety. Poor girl needed to let out a biiig poop. I heard little farts, and boy it got stinky really fast! And then suddenly, she just calmed down, was content to just sit there in our arms. So I decided to check her pants to see if she pooped.

Yup. BIIIGGG POOP! Like, up her back, leaked through her diaper, up her front type of poop! Boy oh boy!! So I ran her into her room to clean and change her, and I was making faces and exclaiming, “OHMYGOSH, BABY!!! AAHHH!!” And she started cracking up at me! Big, loud giggles, “HAHA” style. She thought it was hilarious that I had to change her stinky, stinky diaper. Silly girl.

But we are beyond relief now. Heh. Now, we can go back to normal. I’ve been living in a fog of panic for the last few days. I feel like I just let out a big sigh of relief.

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Oh the joys of constipation! Corbin gets constipated too. I think I give him prunes every other day! He also loves bananas and those plug him up so much! I have asked the nurse and it’s ok if they don’t poop, as long as they are farting! Which it sounds like Lily was! Ha! It’s a bummer that so many of the good easy foods are constipating! It’s probably also the iron in the cereal. Corbin loves prunes too! Oh and my friend who is can’t have gluten said that barley has gluten in it…that might be why she had a reaction. Maybe she is allergic to gluten. I am glad she is feeling better! Oh the video is so cute! Corbin splashes like that too!! Ha!

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