Some Crazy Things and Updates

I wanted to document some things we’ve been experiencing, so that I don’t forget later on.

  • As noted before, I’ve been reading the book, “No-Cry Sleep Solutions” by Elizabeth Pantley, and I absolutely love it! It has so many suggestions for gently encouraging your baby to sleep that does not include the Crying-It-Out Method, which as we all know, is controversial and no parent does it willingly or happily. Dave doesn’t like that method, and while I’m more consistent with it myself, I don’t like it either because it just breaks my heart to hear her “cry it out.” So over the last week, one of the things I’ve been working on is encouraging her to get an earlier bedtime. It used to be anywhere between 9p and 10:30p. Sometimes even 11p if she’s really fussy and annoyed with us. Heh. I want her to sleep sometime between 8p and 8:30p, to begin with. And eventually by 7:30p. That is the ideal. So I’ve created a pretty stringent “bedtime routine” with her that starts out at 8p to start with. The time doesn’t matter, but the sequence of events does, apparently.
  • Our sleep routine now looks like this: lights dimmed out all throughout the house, sleep music on in her room, she gets changed into her night time diaper, she gets oiled and creamed up by Mommy, gets a massage in the meantime, gets into her pajamas, gets zipped up into her potato-sack sleeping bag, story time in her room on the rocking chair (around 3 or 4 books, to settle her down), lights out while nursing last bottle, burp, rock to sleep in rocking chair or standing up with her “lovey” (her stuffed bunny blankey she sleeps with). When she’s about 85% asleep, we put her into her crib.

    That’s her lovey, the pink bunny!
  • (Note: first 3 days of this new routine was a NIGHTMARE. Yes, absolute NIGHTMARE. It took us over 2 hours to get her settled and into bed, asleep. She wouldn’t have it, and she was confused as to why all the lights were out, and why we were hanging out in her room. After that, piece of cake. The whole routine now takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, from start to sleep finish!)
  • She started going to sleep at 8:30p when the bedtime routine became a success. This was aided by earlier nap times encouraged during the day. She now has late morning naps and mid-afternoon naps, so that she’s ready for bedtime at around 8p-ish. At first, going to bed earlier than 9p didn’t cut it for her. While she easily went down, she didn’t stay down for the whole night. She had about 3 awakenings during the night to start with. Sometimes hungry, sometimes fussy and confused and wants a Mommy-cuddle, and sometimes just wide awake (to which I had to rock her back to sleep in the dark). However, the first successful early-bedtime night was last night! She slept 11 hours straight, no wakings, not even binky emergencies. Woohoo!!!
  • I am now working with her on falling asleep on her own without crying in her crib. Slow classical conditioning, basically. She likes her binky a lot, so it’s not as hard as it would be, but eventually I will wean the binky out as well.
  • Her rash on her face has 98% cleared away. I think it is because the breast milk I’ve been giving her from our storage slowly eliminated eggs. We were using the earlier stash, when I was still eating eggs. Now that we’re dipping into the later stash, some without eggs, her skin has cleared considerably.
  • To date, she has tried the following solid foods: rice cereal, peas, carrots, apple sauce, barley cereal, and avocado. She likes them all except apple sauce (she just has to get used to the different “fruit” taste after getting so much vegetable taste with peas and carrots). She LOVES avocado. She broke out into hives a couple hours after trying barley cereal, so we think she may be allergic. Or intolerant. We may try it again in a couple of weeks to see if it has improved.

    Here she is eating avocado (yesterday) for the first time. It was a surprise taste in her mouth, but she kept opening her mouth for more, so yay!
  • My milk supply is decreasing. I had really sore nipples for the past two weeks, so I wasn’t able to pump as often. This has created my milk supply to lower considerably. I am only making about a bottle and a half a day, versus the 8 bottles I used to make. Ouch. So we decided that we will stretch out the rest of the BM supply and supplement with formula until she’s a year old. We gave her formula (organic) for the first time this morning, since she was a newborn. Within minutes, she broke out into hives and rashes all over her body. OMG!! I bathed her in warm water, creamed her up, and within a couple hours, the rash and hives were gone. She had a bit of cough, and we were afraid she was going to have some respiratory issues, but it seemed to have gone away. She may be lactose-intolerant. We’re going to have to see her doc again to see what will be recommended. I’m uncertain about going soy-based for formula, since I’ve heard a lot of aluminum and extra estrogen can be found in soy, and we don’t want that. *sigh* This girl has so many sensitivities. I hope she grows out of them.
  • She has become quite good at scooting backwards while on her tummy. Still working on going forward though!
  • She can now get onto her hands and knees, in the ready-to-crawl position. She doesn’t quite know how to manage the next steps from there, though. Hehe.
  • She is making more “conversational” sounds, or what sounds like conversational sounds. Her favorite sayings are, “Da? Da da da da da!!” Da?” and “Oh? Oh oh oh? Oh?!” And of course, the grunts continue too.

And to end this long post, here are a couple of photos of Lily Bean.

Daddy and Lily Bean having a cuddle.

Boy, look at that face. We’re in trouble!

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That is such a bummer that she is so intolerant of so many foods. I hope she grows out of it. I am glad you are finding the Sleep Solution working for you. An early bed time is a nice routine to have.

Helen, you have the most ADORABLE little girl I think I’ve ever seen. Those big brown eyes just make me melt! I haven’t been here in a few weeks and I just checked out some of the videos and y’all look like you’re having so much fun! Also, that last picture on this post? Lily has it IN for you (or maybe her Daddy) when she becomes a teenager and wants everything. That face is key to getting it. ;)

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