Roll Over Milestone!

Today she is approximately 6.5 months old, and she rolled over from her back to her front for the very first time! She has been teetering tottering for a while now. While I was at work this morning, Dave reported to me that she rolled over while holding onto his hand (though not actually using it as assistance). However, she then teetered back onto her back, and didn’t stay on her front.

Tonight, while we were playing with her, she was teetering back and forth, and she was sooo determined! She FINALLY did it! She rolled over, without ANY assistance or hand-holding (literally, ha!), and then she untucked both of her arms so that she was completely on her tummy, like her seal position. It was SO COOL! We were cheering her on and when she did it, we both yelled out, “YAY!!!!!! YAY BABY YAY!!!!!” She looked at us, completely stunned and amused at herself. Hehhe.

We need to get a video of this soon. We were so into it and cheering her on that I didn’t have any motivation or time to get the camera.

And that really tired her out. She then watched a bit of the auditions on American Idol with Daddy.

Shortly after that, I read her a book for bedtime, and fed her her last meal in the dark in her room, and she was completely knocked out.

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Yay Lily Bean! Good work girl!

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