Lily’s First Christmas

On the Monday before Christmas, Lily’s Auntie Sophia (my baby sister) came for a visit to meet and greet her niece for the very first time. The two of them hit it off right away. She allowed her Auntie Sophie to hold her immediately, even in public, without fear or protesting. This rarely happens with “strangers,” so the bonding was already there. She had a good smile and giggle session on the very first night with Auntie Sophie!

It snowed and snowed and snowed, from the days leading to Christmas to the day after Christmas. It made our surroundings beautiful, yet dangerous.

We almost didn’t make it to Christmas Eve dinner with the in-laws! It would have been disappointing if we didn’t, but Dave finally got us there safe and sound. It turned out everyone made it after all! Everyone braved the snow and the slippery roads to spend time together. So all the nieces and nephews were able to meet and open their presents from all the grandparents and uncles and aunts. I don’t yet have all the photos for the gift-opening session (it was very, very overwhelming and noisy and chaotic) as Nana Sylv took them all. Lily did very well throughout the entire night, only crying a few times due to being overwhelmed with so many people and so much noise. However! She was very curious and happy when she met with Cousin Peanut (Kennedy) again! The two of them are only 3 months and one day apart, but they look almost identical in size! Peanut is in the 85th percentile while Lily Bean is in the 25th percentile, so that makes sense. Lily just has that “older” infant look, while Peanut sort of still has that “newborn” look.

At one point, they were holding hands. It was soo cute! Peanut is on the left, and Lily Bean is on the right.

After a while, they weren’t so amused anymore, and Kennedy Peanut started crying and protesting. Here, Lily Bean is found trying to console her, telling her, “There there, Cousin Peanut, it’s okay… it’s okay!”

Then they went in for a hug and all was well with the world again. They are going to be the best of friends when they get older, and Kami and I will have to watch out! “Double Trouble” in the making!

Lily Bean made out very well with her first Christmas stash. While she didn’t really understand what the big commotion was, she really enjoyed ripping some of the presents off, trying to eat the wrapping paper, and then holding the presents and trying to eat those too.

Back at home, on Christmas morning, I dressed her up in her fancy shmancy Christmas dress that her Uncle Tom and Auntie Kelly (Dave’s brother and sis-in-law) gave her. She received this giant bear from us (we thought it was amusing that the bear was much bigger than she is!

Then Daddy finally woke up and we opened all the gifts. She sat with Daddy while he helped her open them all. She got a lot of presents from us! We had decided to skip getting each other anything for Christmas this year so that we can concentrate more on getting her stuff. The end result: lots and lots of gifts for the Lily Bean for her first Christmas.

Among some of her gifts, Wii Music!

And the new Tinkerbell movie:

And “WOW, Mama! Horton dvd AND a Horton stuffed animal!!”

She even got a stocking full of candy she can’t eat!

Christmas was totally awesome this year. We got to spend lots and lots of time with Lily Bean, and get her some presents. One of the biggest presents (and one of her favorites) is the Jolly Jumper that her paternal Grandpa Bob got her. It was on her Christmas list (or rather, any bouncer since she loooves to bounce now), and she just LOVES being in it. Sometimes she cries when we take her out of it. Heh.

In this particular video, Lily Bean was jumping AND playing with her new stuffed learning dog toy that her Nana Sylvia gave her. She just loves that thing too.

We also got all dressed up and Auntie Sophie took some family photos of us, as well as Christmas photos of Lily Bean.

The serious photo:

The goofy photo:

Daddy and Lily Bean:

Mommy and Lily Bean:

Lily Bean by herself next to the tree:

And finally, Mommy and Lily Bean again:

Overall, it was an awesome Christmas. Lots of giggles, lots of laughters, lots and lots of family time. Couldn’t have been better. We now leave you to Lily Bean bouncing away in her Jolly Jumper:

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I think Lily’s really changing. Her face seems to be changing! I can’t believe how much she and her cousin are the same size :-) Looks like she loves the jumper!

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