Lily’s First Snow

Yesterday, we took Lily Bean out to meet her first snow. The snow hit us big time on Wednesday, but it was too darn cold to take her out. Too chilly with the windchill. So we decided to wait until Thursday. Glad we did, cuz when we went out, the air was calm yet cold. Perfect to take a little baby out (and for the baby’s Mama who was raised in Southern California to not freeze her skinny tush off too!).

She enjoyed the snow much more than she enjoyed the process of being bundled up before going out, and then being unbundled down afterwards. She was not impressed with being a stiff bundle. However, once taken outside, she was fascinated. Absolutely overwhelmed with curiosity. Too overwhelmed, in fact, to cry or protest. It was really cute. It looked like she was trying to soak it all in.

Here’s a video of when we first stepped out.

Then we took some photos. She was absolutely fascinated. Heh.

When I put her down on the snow, she was like “*gassp* OMG, what is this?!”
This was her little gasp. Heh.

And then she sneezed cuz she was looking directly up at the sky.
It was very bright.

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