The Decided Cloth Diaper

Okay, so I know that I said before, waay back in another post about diapering, that we chose the gdiapers with cloth inserts. That didn’t work so well, as it kept leaking and leaking. I ended up getting all sorts of help from all sorts of mothers from all over the world who used gdiapers, both with flushables and inserts. After months (approximately 3.5 months!) of trying and trying, and getting leak after leak after leak, I had to admit failure. And I do not like admitting failure!

So, seeing that we were experimenting with different overnight diapers (the gdiapers always leaked overnight, so we ditched that almost at the very beginning), we wanted to see how they would work during the day. I suggested using Thirsties covers with prefolds, since we had some prefolds already and the Thirsties covers were very inexpensive. Dave wasn’t falling for that one — he wouldn’t touch the prefold during changings, so that sort of defeated the purpose. He liked the All-In-Ones one, or the pocket diapres, because he didn’t have to touch any of the poop or pee at all.

So I got some Bum Genius 3.0 One-Size diapers. Granted, they’re very expensive, and very effective. I bought one first, to try out. No leak. Then I bought 3 more, to rotate through. Still no leak. So then I kept buying a little at a time, and now our stash is about 14. I do laundry every other day (that’s down to a science now too). No stains, completely clean every time, and no leak. The best thing for using a one-size diaper is that the first spending is the most costy, but then you don’t have to buy another diaper for, like, ever. That sat well with us.

And, it left little to no bum rashes. I don’t have to use any products for diaper rashes like I did with the disposables and sometimes even with the gdiapers.

Here is a video of the Lily Bean in her BG cloth diaper. She loves ‘em as much as we do! It was taken just yesterday.

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she is pretty cute! Now you will have to change your blog picture so it doesn’t have a Gdiaper on it! I think it’s so funny that Dave doesn’t like to touch pee and poop! Yeeeshh… and he is a stay at home dad. Silly boy!

Yeah men are funny that way. Almost all the moms I’ve conversed with regarding cloth diapers have the same comment about their husbands. LOL One mom said she even had to make a “different stash” just for her husband to use whenever he changed the baby, because he wouldn’t touch the other ones. Isn’t that silly?!

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