5-Month Update

I didn’t have much time to update yesterday, but she turned 5 months old yesterday! Woohoo, go Lily Bean! She is doing so many exciting things, it’s unbelievable. Sometimes I wonder how we catch up with all the cool new milestones that she hands us almost everyday. Everyone was right – the first few months — heck, the first year — is so very exciting and filled with so many changes. It seems to go by so quickly though. One minute, we’re bringing her home from the hospital and the next she’s 5 months old. What the heck? Where did all the time go?

So here are all the cool things our Lily Bean girl is doing.

  • She is getting stronger and stronger when on her tummy. She’s rolling over a lot more, though she still doesn’t like doing it very often. I’m just happy I’m able to see her do it now!
  • While on her tummy, she can lift the whole top half of her body up in a yoga cobra position, with her arms completely straight. She just learned that she can do this a few days ago while watching Daddy do it, and when she tried to imitate, she did it! She had a HUGE smile on her face and was quite proud of herself… hehe. She also likes doing the “seal” position, as we like to call it.
  • We’ve got her bedtime routine down pat (for now). She is almost always in bed, asleep, by 9pm. She puts herself to sleep when we put her in the crib, even if she’s completely wide awake. The behavioral training has worked! WOOHOO!!! She is still sleeping approximately 12 hours a night (give or take an hour), and only has 2-second “binky emergencies” once or twice every night.
  • Her daytime naps seem to be decreasing in frequency, but increasing in length. We’ve gone from three short naps to two long naps, it appears. Usually it’s around noon and then another around 5pm. We’re still trying to figure it out. When she’s tired, she lets us know with a bit of crankiness and eye rubbing, and we just put her down in her crib and she goes to sleep.
  • She is doing better around social situations and letting more people hold her. Usually, though, she asks for me when she gets nervous around lots of people.
  • She is reaching for things and they go directly into her mouth. Without fail. She’s using both hands, but can do this with one hand. Usually it’s just one hand.
  • She’s eating a LOT more. We’re going to have to dip into our milk savings supply pretty soon. I’m barely making enough to hold her over everyday. This is due to the fact that I’m pumping, instead of nursing, since I have to work a lot more now.
  • She is trying to roll over from her back to her front. She can do this with some help (when we take her hand and lead her, while she does most of the work), but on her own, she gets to her side, stays there and tries to squirm her way completely over, and then teeters back onto her back. SO CUTE!!
  • Quite the mover and the shaker!! She can scoot and squirm in all different ways and directions while on her back AND her belly. We can put her down in one spot, come back in a minute to see that she’s squirmed/scooted a couple of feet away already. Heh.
  • She likes to be held in an upright standing position, and then BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE. We definitely need a bouncer for this one.
  • She’s watching us eat, and is very very curious about food. She’s starting to grab towards what we’re eating as well. Before, she would just stare and stare when I put things in my mouth while holding her. Now she’s starting to grab towards it, and touch it, just to see what the heck it is.
  • She’s understanding some of the sign language words we’ve been teaching her, primarily “hungry” and “milk”… when we do these signs, she starts opening her mouth like a little bird, ready for the bottle. She’s also experimenting with her own hand and making the “milk” sign when she’s feeding. We’re also teaching her the words: more, up, yes, (diaper) change, all done, water, and book.
  • She’s quite generous with those smiles for both Mommy and Daddy, and quite reserved for strangers or other people she’s not completely used to. I think she’s going to be a shy little person.

This past Tuesday night, we had dinner with my old internship supervisor, Leaf, and his wife, Louise. I hadn’t seen him since I was about 7 months pregnant, so it was nice to see him again. They came up through the border and we had dinner at White Rock Beach, in our favorite Japanese restaurant. It was really neat because they finally got to meet Lily Bean. I forgot to get my camera (we were running late because I had just gotten home from work and Lily Bean had a bit of a cranky day that day), but we had a grand ol’ time. LB let Louise hold her for a VERY long time, and she even got playful and bouncy on Louise’s lap, and then she started squeaky and yelling, having a grand ol’ time. She even let out a couple of big laughs for the two of them. It was awesome. I would definitely conclude that she approves of Leaf and Louise!

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I love the Seal pose! Ha! Where has the time gone?

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