More Conversations With Lily Bean

*Lily sees a picture of herself in my phone*
Lily: “Who’s that cute big girl there?”
Helen: “Who is that?”
Lily: “It’s LILY!!”


Lily: “Mommy happy?”
Mommy: “Yes, I’m very happy, baby.”
Lily: “Daddy happy too?”
Mommy: “Yes, Daddy’s very happy too.”
Lily: “Mommy and Daddy are happy to have Lily!”
…Mommy: “We are very happy to have you here with us!”
Lily: “And Lily is very, VERY happy. VERY. HAPPY.”


Mommy: “It’s bedtime, Miss Lily.”
Mommy: “Are you ready for bedtime?”
Lily: >.< (mad face) “I’m MAD at bedtime!!”


Sept 25, 2010:

I came home today, to my little girl yelling out to me, “MOMMY MOMMY!! YOU HOME NOW!! YOU BORN IN ASIA!! LILY AND DADDY BORN IN CANADA!!! YOU BORN IN VIETNAM!!! MOMMY LOOK AT ME GO POTTY!!”


Sept 20, 2010:

Lily went to the potty and pee’peed twice today!! And tried to poop too (but got some farts out instead).


Mommy: “Lily girl, no touch, okay?”
Lily: “I just looking, Mommy!!!”

Sure you are, babe.


Mommy: “Please don’t push the buttons on my laptop right now, Lily. Mommy’s working on something.”
Lily: “Yeah. Mommy turn now.”
Mommy: “Thanks, Lily.”
Lily: “Then Lily turn after Mommy!”.

…*observes Lily’s sneaky look… QUICKLY PUSHES BUTTON*

Mommy: “LILY! STOP THAT! I just said NOT to do that!” *angry face*
Lily: *lip quivering & teary-eyed* “Mommy mad at Lily. But Mommy will always love me. Only mad right now.”


September 8, 2010:

Lily: “Where Mommy go?”
Mommy: “Mommy went to work today.”
Lily: “Mommy away aaallll ddaaayyyy.”
Mommy: “Yes, Mommy was at work all day!”
Lily: “What Mommy do at work? Blue slide?”
…Mommy: “No, unfortunately, there is no blue slide at work, Lily girl.”
Lily: ” *puzzled look* Why Mommy go work?”

That’s a very good question, Lily baby. If there is no blue slide, WHY the heck AM I going to work?!


September 5, 2010:

Lily trots along down the hall..

Mommy: “Where are you going, Missy?”
Lily: *yelling down the hall* “I’s getting books more!!”
Mommy: “Okay, see you soon.”
…Lily: “Bye, Mommy! I’s love you! I see you soon!”

*trots along down the hall…*