Lily’s Phone Conversation

When did our toddler grow up to be such a lovely, lively, cheerful young lady, who can converse so well and so accurately and articulately over the phone?

*ring ring ring*
Nana: “Hello?”
Lily: “Hi, Nana!”
Nana: “Hi, sweetheart! It is so good to hear from you.”
Lily: “What doing, Nana?”
Nana: “Nana’s talking on the phone with Lily, and Nana enjoys it so much.”
Lily: “I love you, Nana!”
Nana: “I love you too, Lily. What did you do today?”
Lily: “Eat lunch, Nana! Daddy!”
Nana: “That sounds fun! You’re coming to Nana’s house tomorrow. Did you know that?”
Lily: “Nana’s house!!!”
Nana: “What will you be doing at Nana’s house?”
Lily: *pause.. thinking* “Play toys… and… eat lunch… and… nap time!”
Nana: “I’m looking forward to seeing you, Lily.”
Lily: “Nana’s house, ‘morrow! I love you, Nana! I miss you!”
Nana: “I love you too, baby!”
Lily: “BYE!!!!”

Reading Books

Our little 22-month-old baby girl just read her first book this morning, cover to cover, word for word. She went into her room, got the book, sat down in the rocking chair, got Elmo to sit next to her, and read the book to him. It’s where we usually read to her before bedtime, and she was re-enacting the experience with her Elmo doll. The book she read was “I love you, sun. I love you, moon.” It’s great. Our little reader, reading her first book, full sentences, before she’s even 2 years old. I can’t help but brag and be so proud. :)

Hopscotch Talk

Lily and Daddy reading a book:

Daddy: “What’s that picture of?”
Lily: “Hopscotch?”
Daddy: “Yes, those are little girls playing hopscotch.”
Lily: “Lily play hopscotch too!!”
Daddy: “I’m sure when you go to school, the other little girls will teach you.”
Mommy: “I’ll teach you, baby.”
Daddy: “Daddy has no interest in playing hopscotch, baby. Sorry.”
Mommy: “Mommy was the hopscotch queen, baby. We’ll play together.”
Lily: “Lily Mommy play hopscotch!!”