Our Lovely Lily

Our pretty little Lily. I’m trying my hand on photography, and editing. What do you guys think?

20 Months: Our Little Wonder

Little Miss Lily is now just under 21 months old. She’s growing so fast, and I’m not sure where to start when it comes to updating about her. I’ve been bad at updating her site. There’s too much going on to remember it all, let alone sit down and try to organize it all into a post. So I’ll write on whatever I can remember at this moment.

On February 26 of this year, we moved into our brand new house. Little Miss Lily seems to be adjusting well, outside of the first couple of days when naps and sleep times were a bit more challenging because she was scared of being left alone in the new house in her new room by herself. But after explaining to her what all the new different noises are (cars, the washing machine, the dryer, etc.), she settled in well and has been sleeping her usual hours everyday since.

She loves the stairs and loves being able to climb up and down them. She loves her new room, and she especially loves “Mommy Daddy’s room” — which at the current moment has no furniture in it (we have our bedroom furniture coming in May), so she sees it as her big, giant “toy room”… unfortunately.

We took her to the Vancouver aquarium for the first time, and she was almost “manic” about all the different sights to see there. She ran from one tank to another, pointed at everything, wanted to know what everything was. Her famous question right now is, “What’s that?” Even to things she knows. She seems to be testing if we’ll give her the same answer to the same question twice. Or something?

At the aquarium, she made a little boy’s heart go flutter-flutter-flutter when she randomly gave him a big hug. Much to his surprise, this was something completely unexpected, and by the look on his face, he was a little tongue-tied. Promptly after Lily’s random big hug, he sought out another little toddler girl and gave her a hug. I think he’s on to something!

Our wonderful little Lily is a perfect little toddler. She is almost always happy, and she is a remarkably well-behaved toddler, given her age. She whines here and there, but she is for the most part a really good listener. She speaks up a storm, and she says hi to everyone who passes by her. She asks their names, and she introduces herself and us, and she tells them goodbye when they leave. Every time we go out to eat, she is the most popular baby there among the waiters and waitresses because she always has a wave, a hello, and a big smile for them every time they pass by our table.

Our little Lily is also a major cuddler. She cuddles every chance she gets, and she constantly asks for “Daddy hugs” and “Mommy hugs.” We are absolutely soaking up this age because everything can be fixed by a mommy hug or a daddy hug. When she bumps her head, she asks for a daddy hug and says, “Daddy’s here. Everything all better now.” When she feels badly because we said “No” to her a request of hers, what makes her feel better is asking for a mommy hug instead of whining for the object of her current affection again. I hope this phase lasts forever. It is easy to fix her world’s little blunderings when all she wants is a hug to make everything better again.

Miss Lily also appears to like boxes. She organizes her favorite things about a billion times a day: in the box, out the box, in the box, out the box. It’s almost obsessive compulsive, if she weren’t the age where this is normal! We can almost see the wheels in her head turning and turning and turning.

Our Lily has a loud voice, just as we had predicted from the day she was born. Her voice has graduated from being simple squawks of hunger, to demanding “DADDY HUG!!!” to wanting “PEAS, MOMMY, PEAS!!!” It’s the Vietnamese side that she has inherited. It is often amazingly confusing to hear such a loud sound from a tiny little girl who is still at the 25th percentile of her age in height and weight!

One thing is for certain: with this amazing little personality that is blossoming inside her, we have no doubts that she has the potential to be a strong, beautiful, confident, compassionate woman when she is older. We are doing nothing less of encouraging such a human being out of her now. :) And we are already proud of who she is, in this tiny 23-lb-ish body of hers.