First Easter

We’re not a religious family, nor do we celebrate holidays too much. However, I’m all for the awesome “kid-friendly” stuff that holidays come with. Such as decorating eggs for Easter. I did that only in school when I was little. This year, I wasn’t as prepared for Lily to do so, so we didn’t do much of anything this Easter. Hopefully next Easter we’ll have an Easter egg hunt and dye some eggs at home. She’ll be old enough to participate by then anyway. However, every Easter the family (my in-laws’ side, that is) celebrate by coming together and having a big family dinner. We use every excuse in the book to come together, since we’re such a big extended family. Now, it’s even more important for us to come together, as Lily has lots and lots of awesome cousins to play with, and a playmate just her size: her cousin Kennedy (“Peanut” to her “Bean”). So, come forth the photos!

This was her “Easter get-up”… all ready to go to Nana’s house tonight. It’s about the only chance I got to dress her up miss-matched in colors. Heh.

And here she is playing with Kennedy tonight. Kennedy is only 6 months old, and Lily is 9 months now!

9 Months Old

Lily is officially 9 months old! Wow!! Time flies! There are a few things to update on, since the last post.

She’s crawling a WHOLE lot faster, and she’s learning how to walk. Yes, walk. What the heck. She’s only 9 months old! She’s also been able to pull herself up to standing using furniture, items, toys, etc. It’s really neat, though a little dangerous because she’s so wobbly. She’s very independent, not wanting to hold onto Mommy’s or Daddy’s hands. She wants to do it all herself. She stood a couple of times by herself for a few seconds already, so she’s getting really close.

With feeding issues, I’ve been relaxing a bit (okay well, a lot actually) and just letting her take the flow and me going with it. She was protesting at every meal because I was giving her lumps and trying to get her to pick up her food. Obviously she wasn’t ready, as my friends have told me. So I let go of the “picking up food” bit, and just went back to feeding her with puree’d baby food. I’m still making all of her food, so that was easy enough. We’ve been making it thicker in consistency, and she’s been adjusting okay to that. She didn’t like it at first, but little by little doesn’t seem to make it too bad for her. She’s getting used to it, and is now starting to eat all her food in her bowl again. For about a week she was pissed off and anxious at mealtimes, so she wasn’t wanting to be in her high chair. Poor baby.

I also got her her own spoon to practice feeding herself (since she doesn’t like getting her precious hands dirty.. hehe). I found one that you can make bend, so that the baby can hold it to her mouth better. She loves it! I put some food on the spoon, and then let her play with it, and she’s gotten the hint that she can put the spoon into her mouth and feed herself! So cool!

Anyway, today she tried yogurt (with pears, apples, and avocado) for the first time, and after making this horrified, soured expression, she asked for more by opening her mouth. Ha! She’s not allergic (thank goodness), so I gave her yogurt for breakfast and lunch. She’s getting used to the taste. She even gave me a smile!

Here she is feeding herself some yogurt.

Today, she also had some cheerios for the first time. I put about a handful in one of her bigger bowls, and then I just sat with her in front of her “Your Baby Can Read” DVD. We cuddled there, and I was snacking on the cheerios. I didn’t even ask her if she wanted some. Naturally, of course, she figured that since it was “Mommy’s snack,” she wants some too! So she naturally grabbed some, and started practicing her grip. She watched me put them in my mouth and chew, and then she tried to do the same herself! I was being all nonchalant about it, pretending it wasn’t a big deal (I didn’t want to discourage her by encouraging too much, as she had figured that out when I tried having her pick up some of her slimier foods before!). Since it was low-pressure, she picked it up beautifully. After trying a LOT, she managed to actually put one in her mouth, and started chewing/gumming until it melted. Then she grabbed for another. SCORE!!

It was a messy lesson in cheerio-eating today, but it was fun and it was so awesome seeing her pick food up on her own.

We also got some baby rusks for her to chew on, and she isn’t allergic. Another SCORE! She liked it enough, though wasn’t fond of it once she had nibbled/slobbered on it enough that it got all slimy. She promptly dropped it in my hand and wouldn’t touch it again because it made her hands dirty. I had to get her another clean, unchewed one. Oh boy.

Our Lily is growing SO fast! She’s doing so well with all her advances and milestones. She’s crawling faster now, and she’s playing games while crawling. Here, she’s playing peek-a-boo with me. It was so cute. She was so happy when she “found” me.

AND, today, she started walking/pushing her radio flyer wagon! She hasn’t learned how to use it until today! She was moving forward! Yay!!

The photos from our photo shoot with Kendra King Gable came in, too. Here are some of my favorite shots of Lily.

Lumpy Food and Self Feeding

Well, we’re working on this. A lot. Lily doesn’t like her food lumpy, and is perfectly content on having us feed her. She is a great eater, but over the last week or so, on and off, we’ve been trying to introduce her to picking up her own food and feeding herself, along with making her foods chunkier. We tried pears, in small chunks, thinking this may be good since she LOVES, CRAVES pears. Nope. Didn’t work. She touched it, picked it up, and then promptly dropped it because it was slimy. Would much rather have it spoon fed to her.

Yesterday, we tried giving her a giant chunk of avocado (yes, fully knowing that she wouldn’t be able to bite it off or swallow it), but hopefully to encourage her picking up food and putting it in her mouth. I was hoping she would just pick it up, and suck on it. Nope. Didn’t happen. She loves avocado, but she didn’t like how it felt in her hand — slimy and wet and stuff. She would barely touch it. She liked the bowl instead, and tried eating it. Grr.

To tell you the truth, I’m quite stressed about this. I feel like I set her up for failure by not introducing chunks and lumps and finger foods to her earlier. She’s almost 9 months and she’s still in Stage 1.5. We’re going to keep at it, of course. Over the last few days, she’s vomited all her milk out, along with whatever food she had, after we offered her lumps in her food. She has such a strong gag reflex. It totally freaked us out. And, of course, it freaked her out and further discourages her from trying any more lumps and chunks. *sigh* Last night was a bad vomit session. She threw up so much. Like projectile vomiting. Poor baby.

We haven’t had time to actually go shopping at our local organic store for “finger” dry foods, like crackers and cheese and stuff. She won’t pick up anything wet or slimy at this point, so I’m hoping that she may want to try a bit of toast (since it’s dry and not slimy). I’m also hoping that if I put some food on the edge of a bigger baby spoon, she’ll try to feed herself that way. She’s allergic to arrowroot cookies (she LOVED feeding herself with that), so we have to be careful what kinds of cookies we give her. It’s hard with all her allergies.

I need some words of encouragement, and positive reinforcement that I’m not the worst mother in the world. :P

Trying Chunks

It’s been a crazy, busy work week. Glad it’s the weekend. We finally had an opportunity to feed Lily some chunkier foods. And finger foods. She’s not having the “finger foods” aspect of it, though. She doesn’t know why we’re making her pick up her own food and put it in her mouth. She won’t do it. :P She’ll pick it up, but that’s about as far as it goes! We tried just pears this time. Chunky enough for her to pick up, but soft enough for her to “chew” with her gums. I put some in her mouth, and when she realized it was pears, she loved it! However, there was no convincing her to actually PICK them up herself. (sigh)

In fact, when I asked her to pick up the pears and put them in her mouth, she laughed at me! I got a video! She thought it was the silliest thing I’ve ever said! “PICK them up MYSELF, Mama? What a funny joke!” However, she did end up eating the chunkier pears, but I had to spoon feed them to her. Well, baby steps, I suppose!

My ex coworkers and awesome friends, Jen and Martha, came up to visit us today. We went with Lily for lunch by the beach, and walked around a bit. I managed to get a picture of Jenbug with Lily. She warmed up to them much easier today.

Stand Motivation

This little girl of ours wants to stand. By herself. Without any help. Without holding onto anything. She’s determined, even though she’s not really physically ready yet. She can maybe — MAYBE — stand for a couple of seconds, and then she usually sways sideways and plop. She won’t let Daddy or Mommy hold onto her. She’s determined. Heh. When she’s holding herself up, she gets sooo darn happy and proud of herself. Her little face lights up in this huge smile.

And the world is right again.

She is very determined. She wants to climb onto everything, and stand up whenever she can. She loves our round coffee table (I’m glad we got a round one instead of one with corners… foresight I didn’t even know I had! Ha!).

And of course, she’s crawling faster and faster now, and with more ease. It seemed to have happened overnight. Wow.