The Army Crawler

Recently, almost as if by overnight, Lily Bean learned how to move forward and around in circles. She’s fabulous!

The army crawl:

Now she won’t sit still. She absolutely refuses to sit for longer than maybe 10 seconds. She has learned how to go from sitting position to onto her belly, so that she can practice her new skills. We can’t just leave her on the mat and walk away for two minutes anymore! Oi! But oh how exciting all these developments are. I was looking at her newborn pictures earlier, and I can’t believe how fast she is growing. I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. *sigh* Our little girl is growing so fast…

Smile for the Camera

A few new developments recently:

  • She’s learned how to smile for the camera, as evidence in this picture here:

  • She has been saying “Mamama” purposefully while looking for me, at me, and calling after me. She has also been saying “Na Na Na Na” while looking at her Nana Sylv and “Dad Dad Dad” while looking at Dave. At first we thought it was all accidental and just “sounds,” but we’ve noticed they’re a lot more purposeful, especially when she looks directly at us, or for us when she says ‘em. I think we’re counting these as her first words.

  • Going Back to Work

    While I technically went back to work towards the end of October, when Lily was around 4 months old, last week was my first week of “full time” work. I started my new, full-time position in Canada, and I am finding that I am absolutely loving it. I have a real passion for being in social services, and I love being part of the solution in my community. What’s more is that I finally feel, after all these years since moving up here, that I am whole-heartedly part of my community. I not only live here, but I also work here. Even though working in Bellingham had its good points, sometimes I felt like I was disconnected from it because I didn’t live there. Working and living in the same city has that advantage — you feel connected, you feel useful, you feel like you’re contributing to your own community in a positive, uplifting way. It feels good.

    My first full day of work was on the 25th. Lily did not adjust very well for the first couple of days. She refused to go down for her naps for Dave, and she was practically cranky all day long. Dave had a very rough few first days when I went to work. When she saw me come home in the evenings, she was clingy and didn’t let me go. She was happy and bubbly again, though. It nearly broke my heart, and I almost said, “Screw it all! I’m done with work! I wanna stay home!” But, what has to be done has to be done. Now, two weeks into the new job, Lily is doing a lot better. She has her daytime schedule back on track, and she’s taking naps and eating well again, for her Daddy. She still gets so excited when she sees me come through the door, and I love getting that warm welcome when I’m done with work. It makes me have something to look forward to after a long, hard day of work.

    Her sleep time was also screwy when I started working. She stopped sleeping through the night. It could’ve been a number of things, and undoubtedly I believe it was a whole bunch of things compounded. First, she was teething (still no breakthroughs though!), and then she had another growth spurt (she kept twitching and squirming, like her skin was too small for her bones or something), and then she had a blister on the side of her heel (we didn’t discover that until days later). It made sense that she didn’t sleep through the night. It happened for about 3 or 4 nights, and I was slowly going crazy. One night, she woke up every hour, screaming and screaming. I had to be with her and she wouldn’t let me put her down on her back. We discovered the connection between her eating green beans for three days straight, being gassy, and not being able to sleep. I had to hold her in an upright position, and she kept farting throughout the night. Poor baby. I eventually took her to bed with us, and she slept in our bed on her tummy. We didn’t get much sleep though, since we were both afraid we were going to roll over on top of her.

    It appears that when she isn’t sleeping through the night, there’s always a concrete reason. Once the reason is found, she sleeps through the night again. So, when I found she had a blister (it had popped by the time I saw it), and I took care of it and bandaged it up and put some cream on it, she slept through the night immediately that same night. When we discovered it may have been the beans that made her gassy and therefore too uncomfortable to sleep, we stopped giving it to her and she slept through the night that very same night. When she was teething, I gave her some Hyland’s tablets and she slept through the night.

    She’s like clockwork. When she sleeps through the night, she’d sleep 10 to 11 hours straight. It’s very rarely that she gets a binky emergency when everything is okay. When it’s not, the whole night is screwed up and she’ll wake up numerous times throughout. It sucks though, because it usually takes us a couple of days to figure out what’s wrong, and in the meantime Mommy and Daddy are walking zombies. Now that I’m working full time again, Dave is getting up with her at night for her “binky emergencies” (if there were any) and for her wake ups. But, since we discovered what the issues were, she’s been sleeping through the night, and I almost feel resentful that he doesn’t have to get up with her! Ha! It’s like the analogy of me trying to open this jar, and working and working and working at it, loosening it up, and by the time I ask him to open it for me, it’s a piece of cake because I had already loosened it up. :P Go figure.

    This is what we want every night for 10 to 11 hours straight. I know, it’s a fantasy for most parents with babies and infants and even toddlers.

    However, sometimes, this is what we get instead:

    A waking baby is awesome during the day. But baby, during the night it’s no time to play!

    My baby sister left yesterday. Lily’s Auntie Sophie had a lot of time to spend with her this time around, since I had to work a lot while she was here. So, the two of them got to know each other pretty well, and Lily adores her Auntie Sophie!

    Our Day in Vancouver

    My sister is visiting us for a week during spring break. She arrived Sunday, and true to her nature, she wanted to go shopping *right away*. She demanded we visited “the biggest H&M store in Canada,” which happened to be right here in Vancouver. So we took Lily along with us, and spent the day in Vancouver.

    After her first morning nap, we went to IHOP, and had brunch. We took along that hanging high chair, which worked fabulously, as Lily is too small still for the regular restaurant high chairs (I had to cushion her with lots of blankets and jackets and stuff so she wouldn’t be all wobbly). She was a doll, and everyone loved her! Most of the other customers were of the retired bunch, and she won all their hearts.

    Here, she and I were playing “tap tap tap the table”… she was trying to mimic what my fingers were doing.

    Lily Bean and her Auntie Sophie

    She had her lunch first, and she ate all of it. A little messy, but I’ve long since given up on trying to keep her clean -during- the meal versus just cleaning her all up in one swoop -after- the meal.

    After lunch, we made our way to Vancouver,
    and Lily was only mildly amused by the car ride.

    We went to Pacific Center, in Vancouver. Supposedly a really big mall. But the way I see it now: if you’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all, really. I can’t tell what a “big mall” is, after having lived in Southern California (the home of malls, I tell you). We had a lot of fun. Lily was a sweetheart, and a trooper. She rode in her little stroller, and every so often she would be in the sling with me so she can look around and be part of the scene. She ate really well (I was sort of worried about that, as she is so distracted usually when we’re out and about), and she slept not too badly either. She had a small nap during the whole trip in her stroller.

    Then, for dinner, we went to a cute little Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. She ate all her solids, like a big girl, and even had time to make some funny faces with her Auntie Sophie.

    All in all, it was a good day yesterday!!

    The Master Bouncer

    If you can see her feet at all, you can see how coordinated she is. She sometimes looks like she’s doing the river dance!