She Caught the Sun

We always knew our Lily Jumping Bean was special, but we didn’t know she could also catch the sun in a jar. :)

And, after seeing Corbin sitting in one, I wanted a hanging high chair for Lily too, so I decided to get one too. Just in time, as she had vomited all over her regular high chair the other day and we haven’t washed the straps yet.

Teething, Sleeping, and Much More

Oh, the woes of first year blues for a baby, eh? Lily has always been such a great sleeper, give or take a few nights here and there of general “woeness” as she goes through regular baby changes. Just as we’ve got the no-cry sleep solution down pat (she is fast asleep by 8p, no cry no fuss; and she was starting to sleep through the night with minimum “binky emergencies”), we are now faced with some teething issues.

She’s been wanting to chew on everything she can get her hands on. My fingers, her shirt, teething toys and rings, all her books, etc. You name it. If it can get into her mouth, she’s going to try to chew on it to soothe her poor gums. I’ve been feeling her gums and checking them out, but so far, nothing. They’re becoming harder though.. as if ready for something to pop through. Her upper gums are of a darker red than normal. And she seems to want to soothe the sides of her mouth more than the front.

At night, she goes down really easy, but lately (like, the past two or three nights), she’s been almost systematically waking up every two to three hours. Sometimes every hour or hour and a half even. I’m walking around like a zombie. When she wakes up, she wakes up SCREAMING bloody murder. Like she just had a nightmare or something. It would freak the both of us out, but once I pick her up, she’d nestle right close up to me, and go back to sleep almost instantly. She just wants to be close to The Mama, it seems. Dave tried comforting her a couple of times, but she kept wailing.

So it’s been like that for the past few nights. I’m soooooo exhausted, I don’t know what to do with myself. We’ve tried Orajel thingies on her gums, but that didn’t really help, and I didn’t really like that we’re rubbing numbing stuff into her mouth. I got some homeopathic stuff yesterday – Hyland’s Teething Tablets. Put some underneath her tongue and it just melts in her mouth. It’s supposed to be more soothing, and more natural for her than the orajel stuff is. And the tylenol from time to time. But it doesn’t appear to be helping much. She’s still waking up screaming bloody murder.

This is new for her, since she’s usually so mellow. I was afraid it was something more than just teething. So I took her to the doc’s today, and got her ears checked out (she’s been tugging at them too.. I thought she might have an ear infection). Nope. Clean bill of health. However, the doc did look at her gums, and she sees ridges, which means the teeth are getting ready to pop up any time now. They’re just taking their sweet, sweet time.

Oh, but how I miss sleep. Oh dear sleep, what a thing of beauty art thou.

In other news, Miss Lily Bean has been sitting up so well. Sometimes, every so often, she thinks it’s so funny to fall backwards, out of nowhere, all of a sudden. It’s definitely purposeful. It’s not like she’d teeter and totter and suddenly fall back. It’s like, “Wee, WOOP! FALL BACK NOW!” Kinda scary for us, but thank goodness we’ve made it a habit to put a pillow behind her. She likes doing it so that she can practice trying to lift herself up on her own. Heh.

This is her sitting up all nice-like.

This is her attempting to fall back. Look at that purposeful smile. :P

She’s also been trying to “crawl.” So far, she’s going backwards pretty darn well. She can get up onto her hands and knees, and then sway back and forth, as if trying to “launch” herself forward. She’s been doing the push-up plank position, as well as doing a bit of the downward dog yoga position. She’s getting pretty strong. She’s a pretty mellow baby, so she’s like, “Eh, I’ll get it.”

Front view of her plank position.

Because of her awesome sitting-up skills now, Daddy Dave has realized that hey, this makes babysitting a WHOLE lot easier!! Here he is, propping her up on the couch while he relaxes and watches some TV. She was perfectly happy to have something to gnaw on.

(Don’t you just love her high-waisted pants?)

We’ve also been trying to get her used to her sippy cup. She drank out of it for the first time a few days ago, and was shocked (SHOCKED, I tell you!) to have received something bland tasting. We told her this liquid was called “water,” but she was not too impressed.

And throughout all the teething and sleep issues, we still have a beautifully cheery, awesome little girl. Well, at least during the day, when The Mama is a zombie.

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

First Constipation Period

I must be going insane. I’m u pat 3:30am. Willingly! Lily Bean briefly woke up for a binky emergency, but she’s long since gone to bed, and I’m still up. I got the munchies, too. So I decided to make myself something to eat, and now I’m still up. I need to get to bed soon. She wakes up in a few hours!

But, before I do, I wanted to update a bit on what’s been going on. Today (the 12th), is Lily Bean’s 7th-month “birthday.” She’s SEVEN months old! WOW!!!! Our baby girl is growing soooo fast. How awesome is that? And each day, she gets cuter and cuter, and more “grown up,” so to speak. We can see what she’s going to look like as a toddler. She totally doesn’t have that “newborn” look anymore. She hasn’t for a while. I’m just still so amazed at how fast she’s growing.

Today also happens to be Dave’s and my 10th-year anniversary of the day we met in person. The day we decided we were a “couple.” Wow, has it already been 10 years? Ten great, healthy, happy years. I’m looking forward to many “ten”s more, Husband O’ Mine! We create beautiful magic together, and we create even more beautiful baby(ies?)!

Okay, so…

Lily started getting constipated about 5 days ago. Give or take. She only pooped twice during those 5 days. We were really starting to panic after the first day, so I looked up what could be causing it in her diet. It turns out rice cereal is a great culprit of constipation, and so is apple sauce (among other things, but those are the only things she’s had recently that may explain the situation). So I cut those two completely off her diet (for now). We introduced puree’d prunes to her diet on the 2nd day. Gave her just a couple of spoonfuls at first. That didn’t seem to help for the next couple of days. I gave her prunes and peas for breakfast and dinner, and that didn’t really seem to help. She was farting a whole lot, but that’s about as far as it went.

We also did many “bicycle” leg exercises with her, and rubbed her poor little tummy. Got lots of farts, but nothing more. So yesterday, I went in search of some organic prune juice. Got one at the Coop in Bellingham, after work. I diluted it with some water so that it’s not so intense. Gave her about 3 ounces. She gulped it down like crazy (she LOVES prunes!!). Then put her in a warm bath, to which she was delighted! This was her first “big girl” bath, where she got to sit up on her own. She was weary at first, though, since I took her into the bathtub and she’s never been there before. But once she was in the water and sitting up, and acclimated to the warm water, she was having the time of her life!

She figured out that she could “splash splash splash” and that it wasn’t the swimming pool. Hahha! She was kicking and kicking her legs, and going “splash splash splash,” trying to get at her rubber duckie.

It was so darn cute, I even got a video!

After the bath, I fed her another bottle, and rubbed her tummy some more. She was soooo fussy, so irritable, so antsy and fidgety. Poor girl needed to let out a biiig poop. I heard little farts, and boy it got stinky really fast! And then suddenly, she just calmed down, was content to just sit there in our arms. So I decided to check her pants to see if she pooped.

Yup. BIIIGGG POOP! Like, up her back, leaked through her diaper, up her front type of poop! Boy oh boy!! So I ran her into her room to clean and change her, and I was making faces and exclaiming, “OHMYGOSH, BABY!!! AAHHH!!” And she started cracking up at me! Big, loud giggles, “HAHA” style. She thought it was hilarious that I had to change her stinky, stinky diaper. Silly girl.

But we are beyond relief now. Heh. Now, we can go back to normal. I’ve been living in a fog of panic for the last few days. I feel like I just let out a big sigh of relief.

Some Crazy Things and Updates

I wanted to document some things we’ve been experiencing, so that I don’t forget later on.

  • As noted before, I’ve been reading the book, “No-Cry Sleep Solutions” by Elizabeth Pantley, and I absolutely love it! It has so many suggestions for gently encouraging your baby to sleep that does not include the Crying-It-Out Method, which as we all know, is controversial and no parent does it willingly or happily. Dave doesn’t like that method, and while I’m more consistent with it myself, I don’t like it either because it just breaks my heart to hear her “cry it out.” So over the last week, one of the things I’ve been working on is encouraging her to get an earlier bedtime. It used to be anywhere between 9p and 10:30p. Sometimes even 11p if she’s really fussy and annoyed with us. Heh. I want her to sleep sometime between 8p and 8:30p, to begin with. And eventually by 7:30p. That is the ideal. So I’ve created a pretty stringent “bedtime routine” with her that starts out at 8p to start with. The time doesn’t matter, but the sequence of events does, apparently.
  • Our sleep routine now looks like this: lights dimmed out all throughout the house, sleep music on in her room, she gets changed into her night time diaper, she gets oiled and creamed up by Mommy, gets a massage in the meantime, gets into her pajamas, gets zipped up into her potato-sack sleeping bag, story time in her room on the rocking chair (around 3 or 4 books, to settle her down), lights out while nursing last bottle, burp, rock to sleep in rocking chair or standing up with her “lovey” (her stuffed bunny blankey she sleeps with). When she’s about 85% asleep, we put her into her crib.

    That’s her lovey, the pink bunny!
  • (Note: first 3 days of this new routine was a NIGHTMARE. Yes, absolute NIGHTMARE. It took us over 2 hours to get her settled and into bed, asleep. She wouldn’t have it, and she was confused as to why all the lights were out, and why we were hanging out in her room. After that, piece of cake. The whole routine now takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, from start to sleep finish!)
  • She started going to sleep at 8:30p when the bedtime routine became a success. This was aided by earlier nap times encouraged during the day. She now has late morning naps and mid-afternoon naps, so that she’s ready for bedtime at around 8p-ish. At first, going to bed earlier than 9p didn’t cut it for her. While she easily went down, she didn’t stay down for the whole night. She had about 3 awakenings during the night to start with. Sometimes hungry, sometimes fussy and confused and wants a Mommy-cuddle, and sometimes just wide awake (to which I had to rock her back to sleep in the dark). However, the first successful early-bedtime night was last night! She slept 11 hours straight, no wakings, not even binky emergencies. Woohoo!!!
  • I am now working with her on falling asleep on her own without crying in her crib. Slow classical conditioning, basically. She likes her binky a lot, so it’s not as hard as it would be, but eventually I will wean the binky out as well.
  • Her rash on her face has 98% cleared away. I think it is because the breast milk I’ve been giving her from our storage slowly eliminated eggs. We were using the earlier stash, when I was still eating eggs. Now that we’re dipping into the later stash, some without eggs, her skin has cleared considerably.
  • To date, she has tried the following solid foods: rice cereal, peas, carrots, apple sauce, barley cereal, and avocado. She likes them all except apple sauce (she just has to get used to the different “fruit” taste after getting so much vegetable taste with peas and carrots). She LOVES avocado. She broke out into hives a couple hours after trying barley cereal, so we think she may be allergic. Or intolerant. We may try it again in a couple of weeks to see if it has improved.

    Here she is eating avocado (yesterday) for the first time. It was a surprise taste in her mouth, but she kept opening her mouth for more, so yay!
  • My milk supply is decreasing. I had really sore nipples for the past two weeks, so I wasn’t able to pump as often. This has created my milk supply to lower considerably. I am only making about a bottle and a half a day, versus the 8 bottles I used to make. Ouch. So we decided that we will stretch out the rest of the BM supply and supplement with formula until she’s a year old. We gave her formula (organic) for the first time this morning, since she was a newborn. Within minutes, she broke out into hives and rashes all over her body. OMG!! I bathed her in warm water, creamed her up, and within a couple hours, the rash and hives were gone. She had a bit of cough, and we were afraid she was going to have some respiratory issues, but it seemed to have gone away. She may be lactose-intolerant. We’re going to have to see her doc again to see what will be recommended. I’m uncertain about going soy-based for formula, since I’ve heard a lot of aluminum and extra estrogen can be found in soy, and we don’t want that. *sigh* This girl has so many sensitivities. I hope she grows out of them.
  • She has become quite good at scooting backwards while on her tummy. Still working on going forward though!
  • She can now get onto her hands and knees, in the ready-to-crawl position. She doesn’t quite know how to manage the next steps from there, though. Hehe.
  • She is making more “conversational” sounds, or what sounds like conversational sounds. Her favorite sayings are, “Da? Da da da da da!!” Da?” and “Oh? Oh oh oh? Oh?!” And of course, the grunts continue too.

And to end this long post, here are a couple of photos of Lily Bean.

Daddy and Lily Bean having a cuddle.

Boy, look at that face. We’re in trouble!