Perfect Age

This is the perfect age, for gratuitous parenting, y’know. At this age, at 6.5 months (give or take a couple of months, eh?), Lily Bean is an absolute doll with me. She thinks everything I do and everything I say is the most fascinating thing on earth. She follows me with her eyes everywhere I go. When I leave the room, she cries out for me. When I laugh, she laughs. When I say boo, she giggles. When I act like a dork, she thinks it’s hilarious. This is the perfect time because when she’s this age, she absolutely worships the ground I walk on. I’m enjoying it as much as I can because I know there will be a time when she will think I have the craziest ideas on earth and that I don’t know what I’m talking about. But for now, everything I do is gold to my little Lily Bean. For now, I’m my little girl’s hero, and I love being one for her.

This is she and I playing, laughing, giggling, jumping up and down, hugging and kissing. She’s my little doll, my little angel, my life compact in her tiny little 13.5 pound body.

Roll Over Milestone!

Today she is approximately 6.5 months old, and she rolled over from her back to her front for the very first time! She has been teetering tottering for a while now. While I was at work this morning, Dave reported to me that she rolled over while holding onto his hand (though not actually using it as assistance). However, she then teetered back onto her back, and didn’t stay on her front.

Tonight, while we were playing with her, she was teetering back and forth, and she was sooo determined! She FINALLY did it! She rolled over, without ANY assistance or hand-holding (literally, ha!), and then she untucked both of her arms so that she was completely on her tummy, like her seal position. It was SO COOL! We were cheering her on and when she did it, we both yelled out, “YAY!!!!!! YAY BABY YAY!!!!!” She looked at us, completely stunned and amused at herself. Hehhe.

We need to get a video of this soon. We were so into it and cheering her on that I didn’t have any motivation or time to get the camera.

And that really tired her out. She then watched a bit of the auditions on American Idol with Daddy.

Shortly after that, I read her a book for bedtime, and fed her her last meal in the dark in her room, and she was completely knocked out.

Giggling Feeding Baby

In case there was ever any doubt before, this is proof how awesome possum our Lily Bean is, and how much she loves her meal times with peas. Heh.

She was laughing at me going, “Ahh, mmmm!” I was trying to get her to open her mouth and say “aahhh” and taste the “mmMmM” yummy food. She thought this was hilarious.

Today’s a Big Day!

Apparently, today’s the day when lots of things happen. Or so, Lily has decided.

  • She slept 12 hours last night, straight through. One “binky emergency” at 11p, but that was it. It turned out that it wasn’t her teething that was waking her up numerous times — it was the darn, noisy humidifier we had on! I turned it off for last night since she’s no longer sick, just to see what would happen. It makes sense, though, because while it was on for the past two weeks or so, every time we carry her near her bedroom, she starts freaking out, and when we lay her down in her crib for naps or sleep time, she freaks out and cries for us when we close the door behind us. It has made sleeping very difficult. I think she’s actually afraid of the loud noise that it makes, and she’s a very light sleeper, so it wakes her up during the night pretty often.
  • She said her first word today… it seemed to have been on purpose, but who knows? She’s only 6 months old, after all. She stared straight at me, and said, “Ma!” It seemed purposeful, and I’m gonna take it as such because darn it, I believe my baby is a genius. :)
  • While on her tummy, she got onto her hands and KNEES and started pushing off on Daddy’s hands… and made a crawling movement for the FIRST time! She moved forward!!
  • She got her 6-month vacs today, and all was well. She was a trooper. Didn’t even cry at the first shot — didn’t even notice it. Second shot, she yelped for about two seconds and then stopped.
  • We started the first round of Your Baby Can Read. She LOVES looking at the words and the babies doing stuff on the screen. We’ll see if we can get this little baby reading by a year old!

Daddy singing “I’ve been working on the railroad” with Lily Bean

Apparently, today’s a good day for firsts! I missed the crawling thing, since I was at work (grrr), but I was right here for the Ma and the sleep! Yahoo!!

Operation Peas: Success!

We just introduced peas into her diet — puree’d by yours truly. I am so proud of myself for making her first foods and not buying baby food. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but knowing myself and how sometimes I like to just go with the easy way out, I am really patting myself on the back. It would’ve been easier to just go to the store and buy organic baby food, but I wanted to do this myself and I wanted to know that I can make my baby her own food, by myself, with all the ingredients and pureness that only a mother can be so careful about. So there we go. I puree’d peas for the first time, and darn it, it was easy as pie, just as everyone had told me it would be. I was worried over nothing!

While Lily Bean didn’t really like rice cereal (and still don’t — I would just say she actually just tolerates it and eats it to humor me), once we put peas into her rice cereal, she chomped it all up! And today, we decided to try the peas just on its own for lunch, and she ate it all up too! She was much happier — even giggling and smiling! I like that. I want meal times to be fun and wonderful, not trying and unhappy — so far so good!