The Rash Update

So a few new developments regarding the rash. Her limbs are getting better, though they are still dry, but they seem to be on the recovering side. Her face, on the other hand, is a different story. I’ve stopped using everything that I was using on her except lanolin. This has appeared to be working, but very verrryyy sloowwwllyyyy. Her ear is looking a LOT better. Her face is still a little blotchy and red, but definitely a lot more smooth than it was before, and the skin has stopped peeling everywhere.

So, given the dryness, I decided to try putting some vaseline on her legs, just to see if that would help. About 3 hours later, I noticed the dryness has gone down a lot, as well as the redness. So right before bedtime last night, I put more vaseline on her legs and her shoulders and arms, and just a teeny tiny on her ear and her forehead, where the dryness and redness were happening. She went to bed at 9pm.

2am rolled around, and I was woken up by some restless grunting coming from her room. I checked in on her and she was awake, but looked absolutely exhausted. I tried putting her binky in her mouth, but she wouldn’t keep still long enough for me to find her mouth. She kept moving her head from side to side really fast, and her hands were trying to rub her face. So I picked her up thinking she was hungry or needed a burp. Then I noticed that her face was very very red and blotchy. I asked Dave to take a look, and he noticed the same thing too. It appeared that she was very itchy and was trying to scratch her face to relieve the itchiness.

We checked out her arms and legs, and sure enough, they were also very red and blotchy. I think she developed an allergic reaction, or a burn reaction, from the vaseline. Poor baby.

So I undressed her completely, and gave her a warm bath. Cleaned/washed off all the vaseline that was on her. Nursed her for about 45 minutes and then she went back to bed. It took a while to get comfortable again, but she was so exhausted. She finally was able to fall asleep. The rest of the night was very restless for her, poor girl. She kept waking up and squeaking. I think her face was still itchy, probably from the burning sensation left over from when I had put vaseline on her.

This morning, she woke up at 8a, despite having been up for an hour at 2a (she is still like clockwork even when she’s not!). Her face had gone down in redness, but it was still red. Her legs and arms, however, were completely back to normal (albeit a little dry, but it looked much better). She was still very restless, and I think her face was still itchy. I nursed her for her morning breakfast, changed her out of her night time diaper (THUD into the pail), and put her down for her immediate morning “nap.” It took her, this time, about 15 minutes to put herself to sleep. It usually just takes her a few seconds before she nods off on her own after I put her in the crib.

Now, I have nothing on her anywhere except a little dab of lanolin on her ear and her cheek, where she rubs a lot. I’m hoping the redness in her face will go away. I don’t know what else to do. Everything else has not worked. I’m hoping Thursday will come fast enough as that’s the earliest appointment I can get for her doctor. I’ve been trying to drink a lot more water, and have been taking my vitamins religiously. I also started taking flax seed oil pills (about 3 giant horse pills a day) for approximately 3 days now (ever since Erin told me about it). Completely eliminated dairy products, though I don’t believe that’s the issue.

I’m hoping it will just continue to get better and better. She needs her sleep. She’s such a good sport — never once did she cry last night even while she was exhausted. Barely a squeak out of her. The only reason I knew she was restless was because I heard her move in her crib, grunting here and there trying to get herself back to sleep. She woke up with a lovely smile for me this morning, even when her face was still itchy. What an awesome, level-headed little baby we have. I’m so proud to be her Mama. I just wish I knew what to do about this. I want a prescription cream on Thursday, even if it ends up going away on its own. I want to know that if it happens again next time, we’ll be more prepared.

In other milestone news, there are some things going on with her development that gets us so excited:

  1. She is trying very hard to turn over from her back to her belly. She gets about halfway, onto her side, and stays there, then flops back.
  2. She’s losing quite a lot of her baby hair. I see it in clumps in the mornings when she wakes up. I wonder if she will lose more. Kinda weird. She was born with so much hair.
  3. She loves to touch my face when I’m nursing her.
  4. She can grab onto things at will, perfectly, when something is held in front of her. She has good aim now!
  5. She is learning that she can touch things that she sees, especially if they are close to her. She’ll still reach out for things even when they’re not, signaling to us that she wants to get closer to it (like a book or the remote control on the table).

Rash and Schedules

Our poor baby girl appears to be getting some sort of rash on her face and body, which leads me to believe that it is possibly eczema. I’ve been slabbing and sliming her up with stuff in the past week, and it doesn’t seem to get better. In fact, it seems to have gotten worse. First it started with “binky rug burn,” as I like to call it, on the side of her face. Then her right ear started getting a bit scaly and scabby and red. And then her whole face became all dry. Then I noticed her legs and arms and the back of her shoulders having bumpy dryness. I’ve tried the baby massage olive oil but that didn’t seem to work. I’ve been using that on her since she was born, so maybe she just developed an allergy against it? I’ve also tried Burt’s Bees baby lotion, but that doesn’t seem to help at all. I’ve tried putting diaper cream on her limbs, but it seems to have made things worse for her arms and legs. I’m trying lanolin on her ears and her face now, since I know that at least if she happens to ingest it, it’s safe. I used that on the nipples when I first started to breastfeed because of the soreness. That seems to have helped the ear and the face a bit, but she is still pretty dry and rashy.

It doesn’t seem to affect her negatively, as she is still very cheery, squealy, and she sleeps from 10 to 12 hours every night. We made a doctor’s appointment for her for next Thursday, but I really don’t want to wait that long to have it improve, so I’m going to continue to try the lanolin since that is the only thing that seems to be working. I think we’ll need a prescription cream for her body parts, though. I feel so bad, and every time I think about it, I want to cry. My baby girl has dry skin! Poor baby.

In other news, though, she is doing so wonderfully. She loves to practice sitting up on her own. She can laugh all the time now, and she seems to love doing so. When I come home from work, she has this huge smile on her face, as if she hasn’t seen me in days, and when I start kissing her hello, she breaks out into huge laughs and giggles for me. I just love it. What a beautiful, awesome baby to come home to.

She is also doing very well in her crib. In fact, she seems to prefer sleeping in her crib versus sleeping on us or anywhere else. That’s a good habit to have, yo! She is like clockwork too. Ever since the time change, it’s worked in our favor. We’ve been trying to get her to sleep earlier, and haven’t been successful until the time change. She used to systematically go to bed/sleep at 10p every night. Pretty much on the dot. Since the time change, she’s been going to sleep/bed at 9p every night, on the dot.

So she’ll sleep from 9p to about 8a the next morning, straight through. I check in on her periodically throughout the night, and sometimes she has “binky emergencies” where she wants her binky back while still sleeping. Then when she wakes up at 8a, I change her out of her night time diaper (THUD as it hits the bottom of the dry pail), nurse her, and put her down back in her crib. She puts herself back to sleep without so much as a squeak out of her. Then she wakes up at around 11a or so, and spends the rest of the day pretty much awake, give her take half an hour’s nap here and there. She’s doing quite well. She’s pretty much like clockwork. She’ll tell you when she’s sleepy throughout the day (a little bit of eye rubbing, some biiiiiig yawns, and maybe a tired squawk), and we put her down in her crib and she’s out like a light. Sometimes The Mommy wants a snuggle cuddle sleep, but it appears that she’s “grown” out of that? She’d much rather stretch out on her back in her crib and sleep. I miss those snuggle cuddle naps we used to have.

(squawking before bedtime)

But yes, she is a growing girl, she eats a lot, she plays a lot, and she is an absolute joy to have around. We’re very lucky and I am so very darn proud.

Initiated Laugh

Yesterday, we discovered that Lily Bean learned how she could continuously laugh when provoked. It was really, REALLY cute. It made our day. I had her on her back on the couch and I was playing with her, talking with her, and kissing her hands and cheeks, and she let out those squeals and squeaks that she always does. Then suddenly — laughter broke loose! Over and over again! Dave got the camera and was able to get a bit of it, until she saw the camera and decided that was a lot more interesting than Mommy’s kisses and playing. Heh.

But, at least we got some of her first initiated laughs!

Of course, now we need to convince her that waking up at 4am (like she did last night) just to giggle and laugh isn’t very fun! I think she had a funny dream last night, and since she knows how to initiate laughter now, that was what I heard through the baby monitor at 4am last night! I bolted upright in bed, thinking, “Omg, is it already 7a?” Looked at the clock, and it was only 4am. I went to her bedroom, glanced into her crib, and saw her smiling right up at me (she can see me with the light of her night light), giggling and laughing away. I told her gently, “Cutie pie, whatever you’re laughing at is MUCH funnier at 7am instead of 4am!” Popped her binky into her mouth, and she went back to sleep. Yeesh. Cheeky girl.